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Ottawa Life Magazine

The new Summer Issue of Ottawa Life Magazine is out, and I’m all over this issue!
First we got the front cover. No surprise here that I teamed up with Alexandra Rodionova for this amazing shot. We came up with a great idea at the last moment. I love it when that happens. The Magazine also used another one of the cover shots for the main article, which I personally think is better than the cover shot. Then there is the two full page spread I shot at Hotel Indigo with Alex and Christiana, make-up by Erin Heather. This was a crazy shoot. Twelve hours! This shoot is going down as one of the hardest shoots I’ve done.
There are just some things you don’t expect to have problems with. Everything was great and wonderful till the exact moment we started shooting. Then everything goes wrong.
The lights didn’t work properly, the location starting having problems, outfit problems. The list goes on and on. But as usual we pulled together and prevailed!
I originally wasn’t sure what I was going to get from this shoot, but as time went on, as I was working on the pictures, I started to see the greatness of what a small group of determined people can do.
To view the entire set, plus the unpublished pictures, click on the link below.

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