Jeffrey Sinnock

Sparks, United States

Howdy how are ya,really glad to hear it. I record moments in time for a living while working in a camera store to pay the bills. While I...

End of the dahlia series(maybe)

after spending days maybe weeks collecting Dahlia’s and hunting them down the season is nearing there end of blooming so I have one last picture to do once it freezes(thats to keep the petals stiff) and I think thats it for the year. At least on that type of flower,as you can see by what I have up loaded and on my web site…..…… I really love flowers. They are so varied and so different even on the same plant that If I could make my living just traveling the world taking portraits of flowers and maybe insects that would be grand. Going to San Francisco next weekend for a wedding a friend of mine from High school some 30+ years ago is getting married. He is a pro in Washington DC noted for being one of the best on the east coast. Im jealous he and I went head to head in school as trying to one up each other looks like he won as far as news goes.
Funny how life turns out he went for the carrier and I for family and what ever would feed the sons at that time. but I wouldn’t trade it for nothing I have three fantastic sons a new wif that is my muse and two beautiful grand daughters so who is the winner ? I think we both are. wow it’s 4:30 here time for beer somewhere. Fried chicken tonight im cooking so if you see a large cloud over head you know it’s done.

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