Jeffrey Sinnock

Sparks, United States

Howdy how are ya,really glad to hear it. I record moments in time for a living while working in a camera store to pay the bills. While I...

Taco Bell and vodka for dinner today

Now theres a mix for ya one is fattening and the other one makes you not care. tried to fix one of my fn printers today even Epson didn’t know what was wrong with it after I called. there comment was “we will have one of our techs get back to you on Tuesday”. I thought to my self yeah right,but who knows maybe pigs do fly. The Tacos were well tacos from taco bell, the Vodka on the other hand was tasty if you ever have the chance to find “crater Lake” buy some the best I have ever had real smoooooth. The only photography I did today was scan a sliced tomato,check it out looks pretty tasty. sure hope something sells here quick,I know I have nice pics but it is frustrating when I have 5 sites are displaying my work and only one is selling it. And thats stock work which doesn’t make me rich by any means,but I guess it gets my name out there. well it is off to make some toast nad pour some more Vodka join me won’t you.
I have to look for a job too,I guess it is time since I haven’t worked since last November 2006 after I shattered my right leg after I fell off my roof backwards. But it is nice not having to work but it is time I get off my butt and looked. Thats I need to get all these sites selling my work so all I have to do is travel and shot pics. ok it’s time for burnt toast yummers it rocks.

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