Sweet Revenge

It had been three weeks.

Three whole weeks since he had been imprisoned.

When they had first brought him there he fought and insisted that he was sane, but all thet got him was a bloody nose and a black eye. Soon after he had arrived they tried to medicate him into sayign that he did belong there but he refused to talk let alone lie to them. Whatever he said to them or bribed them with they adamantly declined to listen to him.

Now he was locked away where no one could hear him scream his innocence. He was usually fed twice a day and casually abused whenever he did end up shouting loud enough to be heard from his lonely room. And after all they still tried to give him medicationto try and get him to calm down and be silent. But the medication didn’t work he was still loud. It was as if he did not take it at all, still they tried to give it to him in his food in a higher dose.

Still, they did not work.

As the man sat in his room alone at night he thought about the last conversation he had had as an official sane man. He had been talking to his son about what was going to be put into his Will.

_"Father, that just leaves what I am supposed to have," his son said quietly.

No matter how he had tried, he couldn’t find a polite way to tell his eldest son that nothing was going to be left to him, and that his constant substance abuse and gambling had left him unfit fot inheriting any of his father’s vast fortune.

“Son, you should be able to see by now that there is nothing left for you to take in the revision,” it hurt ihim deeply to have to tell him that but it had to be done. If he got control of the family esetates and money, there woudl be nothing left of the family except a black mark.

“What do you mean ‘Nothing left for me’!” he roared at his father.

“You have shamed this family enough by your actions, and by leaving you anything would make it seem like I approved of your actions; therefore you have been removed from inheriting from me when i die.”

His son looked at his with hurt eyes that soon lost the look of hurt and was taken over by greed, anger, and revenge. After watching his son stalk out of the room, he sat down and made and appointment with his attorney to have the Will made official._

Two days before he went to the attorney two men came into his house wearing white suits and put him into a white straight jacket without telling him what it was about and where they were taking him. They threw him into a room and locked him up with no explanation.

No one was surpirsed when he disappeared. People in his line of work aften disappeared, but it was usually an order that came from him. And they were taken care of in a more permanent way, like cememnt shoes in a river.

Nothing was said pertaining to why he was there, but somehow he new that his eldest son had found a way to get him out of the way. By putting him here he had gotten the money early, and his revenge for not being in the revised Will.

Now, day after day he stuck in the room alone. he was allowed nothing to occupy his mind, so he sat quietly and plotted his revenge on his eldest son. By doing this he irrvocably done what could never be forgiven.

After finding the small white pills hidden in his food he wiped as much of the food off as he could and pulled his pillow closer to him. The man found the small hole he had made weeks ago and slipped the little pills in with the others. Soon, he thought, I’ll have enough.

Another week passed and when the food slid into his room, again he the pillow toward him, but this time when he found the little hole he violently tore it open wider. The little pills he had been hoarding scattered and bounced across the hard floor and he scramble after them. When he had collected them all again, he swallowed them one by one until they were gone.

A few minutes later he slipped into sleep for the last time.

That night the man’s son could not sleep. A breeze would blow through the windows and chill him even though it was summer. There always seemed to be a strange sound somewhere in the house, like fingernails on chalkboard. At first he thought it was just because of his mist recent binge wearing off.

Night after night the sounds continued. He tried to shut the windows to keep the breeze out but it never worked, no matter what he did the came and chilled him and the WHOOSH of the light wind seemed to always fill his ears, broken only by the SCREECH of fingernails on chalkboard.

Soon enough his son never slept, and when he went out during the day his eye were rimmed in red and people avoided him like the plague. When he walked down the street he was the only one there, once everyone would stop to talk but now they ducked in to building to circumvent him. All the while he could never see what he had let himself become.

Near the time when the noises started one night a little Girl Scout knocked on his door.

“Why are you doing this!” he yelled at the child.

“W-w-would youlike to buy some cookies?” the little girl stuttered out after a moment.

“COOKIES! You offer me cookies like it will make up for what you have done to me!” he shouted at her and she jumped and took a step back to avoid the spit flying out of his mouth.

“The p-p-proceeds go towards our yearly camping trip,” the little Girl Scout was shaking now, but still determined to try and sell some cookies.

“You can take those proceeds adn SHOVE them so far up…!” he continued to shriek at her even as she ran, with tears coursing down her cheeks.

Later a group of men in white uniforms quietly entered is house with a straight jacket and took him away without a word.

Sweet Revenge


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Revenge has never been so complete.

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