Panic Time

A man like you and I

Into The Nectar

fly on the blind man’s wall

Daddy’s philosophy of life(and death)

my dad comes clean(and dirty)

Lemon Trees

sexy lemons and a few other things we love and hate

Sex and the Single Woman

welcome to the erogenous zone

Sex and the Average Man(how much and how long?)

guys:How “average” are you? / gals: What do you think is “average”?

three fingers missing

encounter with a mangled hand

recalling the summers of her naked shoulders

streaking comet of sexual velocity

ten billion years from tonight

quasars quaking and sirens wailing

sky queen

amputation hurts

last laugh?

humiliatiion can kill

Joyce’s irresistible mouth

stoking the fire
end of the dead by jdworldly home away from home by jdworldly gigantic whalebones  by jdworldly lovers and other strangers by jdworldly beauty and agony by jdworldly private agony by jdworldly coffee and tomato juice by jdworldly what are they laughing about? by jdworldly sunset or sunrise? by jdworldly clouds after a storm by jdworldly the old get older by jdworldly indifferent lovers by jdworldly

Epitaph for Mr. Jones

don’t send flowers

Carnal Appetite

time to change my diet

Never Give Up

hope for the impotent

Truths Behind The Lies

ever answered a personal ad?

incomprehensible snapshot

what does it mean?

Life on Earth 2050 A.D.

more of same? same of more?

Difficulty Breathing

panic attack in the big city

Heartless Heart

lovers and vultures together again

The Blond Weatherman is God

only the weatherman knows

Everyone Hides Behind a Clown Mask

keep on smiling

Cruising for a Sugar Daddy

the elation of titillation

Making Sense of the Senseless

there must be a reason

What New York City women want

money talks

Celibate In Rio

a fate worse than death

9/11/2001—Then and Now

a day like any other day

For Guys Only: Advice that may change your life

from doormat to don juan

Tahitian girls, naked ballerinas and coal miners

characters in my dreams

God’s Verdict

guilty as charged

Does God Answer Prayers?

How often do you pray?

Message for the physically fit

Good news and bad news

Skin Deep Beauty

unrequited lust

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

what happens in the end?

Sex On The Nile

An invitation you can’t refuse.

Please Do Not Disturb

knock knock who’s there?

Drinking Beer, Nibbling Cheese, Staring Into Space

favorite pastimes of a senile stoic

Meet Me In The Next Life

reincarnation is the only hope
going to the dogs by jdworldly lightbulb descending by jdworldly pretty woman followed by man in blue by jdworldly dusk to dusk by jdworldly

Erotic Encounter With A Woman Undressing A Manneq…

Nothing ventured nothing gained
swept away by jdworldly mother and twin sisters by jdworldly twins by jdworldly another day ending by jdworldly boat out of water by jdworldly between the branches by jdworldly last tree standing by jdworldly three heads are better than one by jdworldly

What it means to be alive

ten words tell the tale

How To Live Happily Ever After

Hooray for the White Knight

Behind The Doctor’s Devilish Grin

why is the doctor grinning?
late afternoon by the swimming pool by jdworldly unidentified women speaking by jdworldly red house on stilts by jdworldly Dead Trees and Distant People by jdworldly Old Faithful About To Blow by jdworldly somewhere in Idaho by jdworldly SnowFlake Saltines at sunset by jdworldly man at the end of the pier by jdworldly

A Dirty Old Man Comes Clean

a decrepit old crone dreams of having fun fun fun in the sun sun sun

Peter Pan’s playpen

no hairy apes allowed

Tale of a Survivor

stranded on an uninhabited island
strange lights by jdworldly lost In thought by jdworldly parallel lampposts  by jdworldly
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