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Sydney, Australia

Photography to me isn’t just about capturing beauty or magic. It’s about capturing life as it is. Whether that’s ugly,...

A short break from Japan

I visited Japan in October 2010, and am STILL working on pics from that trip. Work and just life in general seem to sometimes get in the way of me working on my craft. It’s not a bad thing, but when I was trolling through my albums the other day, I realized that I’ve taken at least another 1,000 shots since my trip to Japan, and haven’t done a thing with them.

So, it’s with that thought that I think I’ll step away from the “Autumn in Japan” series to post a few favorites that have just been waiting for me to give them some attention. I’ve got a very poignant shot ready to go now….and I may just add a couple more before returning to Japan.

Hopefully it’s the break needed to get me back on track again :)

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