Hilversum, Netherlands

As a retired historian, I have a wide interest in nature photography. Please also note my second gallery on Redbubble: / lightthinker


Four postcards sold

Alas I am again in one of my less active phases. And so I have not reacted so activily on your comments and submissions as you are used from me in my better times. And the prospective of the forth-coming prostrate operation some time this summer does not help either.…

No reason, however, not to say a warm thank-you to the unknown buyer here in the Netherlands who just bought four postcards. What a lovely gesture and surprise. I am most grateful for it.

For those of you who like to take a look, here are the links:





10 years on Redbubble and new sales

Dear friends,…

Actually it was in January that my 10-year-mark was passed. But as I was still in one of my low phases at the time, I had to let it pass without a comment. This is, however, not as it should be. And so here is my vote of thanks, even if I am one month late.

10 years on Redbubble has been a wonderful experience of discovery and learning and heart-warming digital friendship. With 1209 pictures posted in these years, the gallery covers a broad scale of subjects, but it still clearly my nature photography in which I found my own style. Your wonderful comments were so encouraging and uplifting each and every time again.

And I did find endless beauty in your galleries. So it has been a superb experience of sharing and learning, and I am most grateful for it.

As those of you who fo

New Sales

I do not want to boast, but I must admit that this is a message of joy. I can tell you about two new sales. Well, new? One is another postcard of the blue forest which you all know so well by now.

The other is really a new one. It is a poster of a picture taken in Aarhus in Denmark two years ago and was bought by a buyer in Germany. I am very glad he or she liked this picture so much and send many thanks to this buyer in Germany.

And here you find the pictures, first the blue forest one for those of you who have not yet seen it and then the Aarhus one:



Two pillows sold

To my great joy a few days ago I got the wonderful message from the Redbubble team that they had chosen a picture of mine for an offer of a pillow on the home page. Of course I was and still am most grateful for this sign of appreciation.

Ever greater was my joy today when I got two more messages, telling me actually that two pillows were sold of this picture, one in the UK and another one in the USA. Ever so many thanks to the anonymous buyers!!! May they enjoy their pillows very much!

The picture is actually a very old one of mine, at the same time one of the most popular ones, viewed by now 7111 times! You can find it here:


Glad to be back

Yesterday we came back from our summer vacation at Schilksee at the Kiel Fjord where we had stayed for two weeks. To my great joy I managed to go out for the wonderful Schilksee sunrises as many as six times in the two weeks, surely a sign of creative enterprise and at the same time a great source of enjoyment and inner healing.…

Like this I overcame the long low which had kept me from bubbling since May. At long last I want to thank you today for all your lovely comments on many of my pictures which you had posted in the meantime. I am still most grateful for them, and also for your all your many faves and features!

There was a sale too! My lamb picture (“Mom is the best”) was sold as a mug. I hope the unknown buyer will enjoy the scene each day! Ever so many thanks to him or her for buy

Nine Years on Redbubble and a Sale for Lightthinker

Dear friends, watchers and visitors,…

This month it is nine years ago that I started this jchanders-gallery here on Redbubble. As I wrote a long reflective journal on my galleries two years ago, I confine myself today to the bare dates: 1111 submissions and 956 followers in these nine years, plus 165 submissions on my lightthinker gallery! Of course I am most grateful to all my watchers and visitors – many of whom have become regular commentators and friends.

So first of all my thanks go to them. Without them I would never have achieved this piece of work. Neither would I have found my style in the way I have managed to do. So there is every reason to be most grateful!

As many of you know it has not always been easy. Fortunately the years of my big operations lie already far behind us agai

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