Hilversum, Netherlands

As a retired historian, I have a wide interest in nature photography. Please also note my second gallery on Redbubble: / lightthinker


Featured five times again and one shot in the Top Ten

There has been a very delightful response from all of you again in the past weeks for which I am most grateful. And an extra boost was provided by five new features and the Top Ten placement of one of my pics. What a wonderful reward!

Many, many thanks to the hosts of the respective groups and to all of you who voted for my picture.

Here the featured shots:

In “Dutch Connection”:

In the “Nikon DSLR Users Group”:

In “Seasonal ´Scapes”:

And a double feature in “Your´re Accepted” and “Your Magic Place”:

In the challenge “Streams in winter in ice and snow” of “Stream Crossings” the following picture reached the Top Ten:

Eight new features

To my utmost delight I can tell you that again a number of pictures of mine have been featured these days. It is a great boost for my Redbubble activities! And of course also for my photographic activities in general which would never haven taken such a high flight without the galleries of Deviantart and Redbubble and the wonderful response that I have got there again and again. Let me underline that to my mind adding Redbubble to my field of activities has proved more than worthwhile!

So my sincere thanks go once again to the hosts of the various groups who have thought my pictures worth being featured. They are:

Your Magic Place

Falling Leaves

Country Roads


Dutch Touch

Again new features

Within days I can boast two new features. A real treat! Ever so many thanks to the hosts of the two groups concerned.

And very many thanks to so many of you who all reacted so delightfully and supportively to my last journal about the features of the weeks before.

Here are the newly featured shots.

In the Nikon DSRL Users Group:

In the group Streetscapes:

New features

Many, many thanks for all new features! Not only have a great number of my shots in the past weeks been featured in the Nikon D80 group for which I am still very grateful, today I want to express my special thanks to the hosts of the following groups who featured more shots of mine in the last fortnight. I am very sorry for being late, but my gratefulness is none the less for it:

The Dutch Connection:

Your Magic Places:

The same shot was featured in Live, Love, Dream and in Falling Leaves.

The Baltic Sea:

Falling Leaves:

Featured artist

I am in the most grateful position to be able to announce that I have been chosen the featured artist of the Nikon D80 group for November. It is a great reward for my photographic endeavours, and I want to thank the hosts of the group very much here too.
Many thanks also to Tamela (http://www.redbubble.com/people/trwphotography) who was so kind to suggest me. It is quite an experience to see the whole feature page of a group filled up by my own shots, I must say.
I am also very glad that three other groups, ie. Forests, Horse and Rider and European Everyday Life have chosen to feature an individual picture of mine.
I am feeling a bit low these days. So this wonderful appreciation of my work here is more than welcome as a valuable push not to get slacking.

Featured five times in one week

In the last seven days five pictures of mine here on Redbubble have been featured. I experience it as highly stimulating for my photographic activities to get such a great response here. After all it is your wonderful confirmation that is an important boost for me. Taking pictures is one thing, being able to share them is another. And being rewarded by so much praise is a third. Being able to experience them all here on Redbubble makes it such a great boost.

So let me say again how grateful I am to the hosts of the various groups to have chosen my pictures. And how grateful I am to so many of you who give again and again so many wonderful comments.

Here the shots and the groups:

Pay it forward

Shots in the fog

European Everyday Life

Nikon DSLR Users Group

200 submissions

Hi folks,…

I have been a pretty bad communicator recently due to my somewhat shaky personal health – many of you know that I suffer from recurrent depressions and the past weeks have not been a highlight, though there were quite a number of good days … or at least afternoons! Fewer mornings, I am afraid, than I would have liked to use for taking morning-mist shots. But I am pretty content with those which I made. And many of you seem to be of that same opinion fortunately.

This brings me to the main reason for this journal. Once again I want to thank all my watchers, viewers and commentators very much for their support. I never manage to answer you all personnally as I would like to do. But the landmark of having reached 200 submissions on this gallery, which have been viewed 24630 times b

Going on holiday

Hi all,

There may be some among you who will miss my new shots in the time to come. No worry, they shall come again after our three-week holiday at the Baltic Sea starting today.

There will be no shots from this journey on this Redbubble gallery of mine though as I have chosen to confine it to my pictures taken here in the Netherlands.

If anyone of you is interested in my shots from other places, you will find some of them in my two galleries on deviantArt:


Have a good summer yourself. Good luck and good light,


20 000 views in six months

Today this gallery reached the great marking point of 20 000 views for my 187 pictures here, while 135 of you have put it on their watchlist. I cannot count all comments or faves, but let me tell you that it all is a wonderful response for my work here!…

I came over here from deviantArt and am still running two galleries there, generally trying not to repeat myself too much. So I knew that starting a new gallery is quite an effort. But it was certainly worth it: your reactions have given me another great boost.

While I still stay with my deviantArt galleries, as I do not want to give up the link with many friends which I have won there in three years, Redbubble has won a strong place of its own.

And let me say it quite openly here. There are two things that I clearly prefer here.

1) The ge

Ever so many thanks for your wonderful comments


So many of you react in such a wonderfully encouraging way to my pictures each time. As I am just not able to answer all your reactions individually, please allow me to let you know here how much I much I appreciate your support. It helps me a lot to keep going on, as your response works as a real stimulus.

As to our little granddaughter, I can tell you that she is doing very well. We shall be baby-sitting for her again this afternoon. A lovely prospect!

All the best,


The little girl keeps doing well

No worry: I shall not give a diary of the development of your granddaughter here. After all this is not really the place to do so. So it may be enough to tell you today that we saw her again yesterday, going “baby-sitting” for the first time so that her parents could go out together and enjoy the afternoon sun in a near-bye park. The little one is not yet allowed outside, due to her being born too early. To our great joy she is clearly doing well.…

The main purpose of this journal is a vote of thanks. I am overwhelmed by all the many reactions from your side. So many congratulations, often so nicely put. I have experienced this as a wonderful wave of warmth and well-wishing which did enhance our happiness all the more.

So this gallery which of course is directed to our photographic work, b

A miracle has happened.

The birth of a new baby may be a daily event, happening ever so many times during the day all over the world. But if you look at the birth of an individual baby, things are quite different. This new little person is a miracle, in its perpetuation of the life cycle, in its potential and perfect shape, formed by the forces of nature in a process of millions and millions of years.…

But the greatest miracle is this little person when she is your own granddaughter! I am very happy to be able to announce to all my friends here, too, that since nearly a fortnight we have been transferred into the great status of grandparents by our youngest daughter. As the little lady, calles Yfke Isabel, was born four weeks too early, we were somewhat apprenhensive in the very beginning, but now she is at home

More home page happiness

The Redbubble gods are meaning well. A second home page admission within one month! It happened yesterday! And I missed it! Only today I saw all the wonderful reactions on my acitivity list and then the message itself, leading me to the home page account. I also found that I have got a number of new watchers! What a great happening.…

I feel most grateful. It is indeed most stimulating to get so much support. And I am very happy with all the wonderful reactions again, just as I got so many lovely comments the last time. Redbubble has been good for me. So many interesting photographers with great stuff, and so many very kind people. And even three sales up to now! So this is again very much a general vote of thanks to all of you!

Thanks to Tom I am now able to show you the picture here, even

Home page happiness

All happiness is a fleeting experience. We cannot hold on to it. This is also true when a picture appears on the Redbubble home page, as one of mine did yesterday. Today, only a day later, we can no longer see it. But fortunately the memory remains! And it is a good, a lasting memory!…

And what also remains are all the wonderful reactions which I got, are the 8 new watchers and the many, many views of the picture in case. It has been viewed 456 times up to now and got 54 comments and 42 favs – the absolute topper in my gallery. As I do not yet master the technique of placing a picture in a journal – old men are learning slowly, I am afraid -, I can only give you the link:


Ever so many thanks, too

100 submissions in three weeks, and another lovely surprise

My redbubble gallery has been bubbling on strongly this week. After nearly three weeks on RB I have reached the landmark of 100 submissions! And there is so much more in my store! I shall have to cut down, though, as I think I am overfeeding you. On devArt my rule was, never post more than one shot per day per gallery – which meant three per day when I still had three galleries over there.…

Was that a good rule, and is it still? I think it was and is. Even though I did not keep to it here during these first weeks. While building up a gallery, some extra push is necessary, I find. With 650 watchers for the lightthinker´s gallery, now fallen victim to this one or with 850 on my devArt jchanders-gallery, there was and is no need any longer to win some extra attention, and with hundreds of sho

A really bubbling surprise

Just after I had written yesterday´s journal my mind was turned by Joop to a prize which I was supposed to have got here on RedBubble. First I could not think out at all what that could be. I had not joined any competition yet, so how could I have got a prize …?…

Later that morning an email explained it all: I had been the “most prolific referrer” from last week. Due to my uploading so many shots I had placed myself into this position unknowingly. It was like being a virgin and getting a child, if I may use this German expression.

Of course it is a really bubbling surprise, and I am very happy with it. I may spend 50 Australian Dollars here on RB. I do not yet know exactly how that does work, but I shall find out. You see that this is the great thing of doing something new: you are finding

Doing it my way, or two weeks on RedBubble.

Today I am on RedBubble for two weeks. It is pretty obvious that I am bubbling on happily. To submit 75 shots within such a short time has meant that the new gallery has already won a reasonable size showing the range of my sort of nature and especially landscape photography here in the Netherlands. It will be my pleasure to try to add at least one more shot each day, but I somehow have the feeling that that will be quite a task. I mean, only one per day! I have so much stuff in my collection which I would love to share with you.…

Indeed I have got a wonderful response from you. Of course, the number of watcher is as yet nothing like the 650 which I had on my “lightthinker”-gallery before I stopped it this week. But it is growing each day, and a new start is a new start. Giving up “lightth

One bubbling week on RedBubble

It is just one week ago that I started here on RedBubble. More than I had ever expected, this new RedBubble gallery became a really bubbling experience. 50 submissions within one week and a lot of wonderful response from your side have developped a dynamism of their own.…

So I have just decided to give my lighttinker-gallery on deviantArt a break and concentrate my energies on my two jchanders galleries, the one on dA and this one here.

So J. Chanders shall continue! At this place I shall show you more of the beauty of the Netherlands. I hope that many of you will feel tempted to come to this small, but ever so intriguing country. I have developped a deep love for it, even though I am still a German both as far as my personal identity and the passport are concerned. But friends at my unive

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