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A bit of a bang (1st October 2009)

Dear friends,
Please forgive me for writing these lines to my deviantArt and my Redbubble friends in the same way. On both galleries I have got so many wonderfully encouraging messages that my thanks go to you all in the very same manner.
There is no denying the fact that the news this morning are not really good. Well, of course, things could have been still worse, much worse. After all the diagnosis of yesterday’s heart cath revealed a pretty good chance that everything could have been just fatal.
With the right heart artery completely closed, the left one pretty much narrowed too, I wonder how long it would have taken before a final blow would had thrown me off my bike.
You will not be surprised that this diagnosis came over to me and my dear ones as quite a bang. All the more as my symptoms had indeed been relatively minor, and so the warning signals had not at all shown the seriousness of the situation.
There is no need to go into further details here. It may suffice to say that I was sent home – at least that did happen – with further medication. Now the matter is in the hand of a special heart team of the Amsterdam University Medical Centre. They will let me know what kind of operation will be necessary. Fortunately modern medicin offers various possibilities these days, from widening the narrowed vessels by angioplasty to bypass surgery.
How long it all will take, I cannot say this morning. I only know on the day X 1 that my life will have to take a new course. Having suffered from regular depressions for nearly 23 years now, I shall have to work at a another challenge, too.
On this course there will be no long bike trips into the forests around here on early misty mornings in the near future, I fear. I am still optimistic enough to believe that their time will come again, too. Fortunately there is the alternative of taking the car, though it will not be possible to quickly go sunbeam-chasing the way I was used to.
Still I can be with you. There is a large store of older pictures which you do not yet know. So I can share these, and also I can enjoy to view your pictures and just keep in touch. Let us not give up the trust that the day for new pictures will come for me again. Beautiful nature, light and colour are still out there waiting for me and you.
Let me finish by saying that your messages have been a tremendous help! Knowing that all over the world so many very kind and empathetic souls were turned my way was a great boost. I already wrote a quick vote of thanks when I placed a picture of our granddaughter early yesterday morning. Let me repeat here: I am very, very grateful to you all. The only thing I am sorry about is that I cannot shake your hands or just hug you personally. My gratefulness is none the less.

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