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My heart (29th September 2009)

Perspectives can change pretty quickly at times. While I worried last week about an art theft from my lightthinker-gallery on deviantArt (I wrote about it here: http://jchanders.deviantart.com/journal/27400512/ ) and had wanted to tell you about it too, it is now a matter of minor importance. My heart has taken over …

I actually had had some very light heart complaints already in June and then again during our vacation. Last week they came back. Nothing to dramatise, I thought, when I went to my family doctor yesterday on my bike. Well, there was no going home on that bike. Instead of that I was taken to hospital in an ambulance.

I had all sorts of checks and tests during the day and fortunately could return home with some medication late in the afternoon, this time just by taxi. But there is a but: I shall have to go to the hospital tomorrow morning again. A cardiac catheterization is on the agenda.

So there is no denying the fact that something is wrong. Still I do not want to dramatize things, but some sort of coronary heart disease (CAD) cannot be ruled out any more.

Well, I am sure I am in good hands. I hope to be home again by tomorrow night. And that nothing exceptional will have to happen afterwards. Just some medication, perhaps some other of those relatively minor interventions which are commonly used.

So let us keep optimistic. Soon again I hope to go out on my bike again into the forests around here, taking more pictures and sharing them with you afterwards. I have just started to use RAW after putting it off for a long time. So all sorts of shots want to be done this way now. And there will be October and November coming, the best time of the year for great pictures, apart from spring. So please press your thumbs!

And please send me your good thoughts and prayers. I know what a great community the Redbubble community can be in such a case, just as the deviantArt folks.

I especially believe in good thoughts. It is not for nothing that I built my lightthinker-gallery with 545 lightthoughts on devArt. I also believe in sending good thoughts to each other. And if there is no energy transference level that is unknown to us now, there certainly is the possibility of sending me a message here. It will give me extra strength. I am quite sure about that.

I hope to be with you again soon.

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