Hilversum, Netherlands

As a retired historian, I have a wide interest in nature photography. Please also note my second gallery on Redbubble: / lightthinker

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Hi folks,

I have been a pretty bad communicator recently due to my somewhat shaky personal health – many of you know that I suffer from recurrent depressions and the past weeks have not been a highlight, though there were quite a number of good days … or at least afternoons! Fewer mornings, I am afraid, than I would have liked to use for taking morning-mist shots. But I am pretty content with those which I made. And many of you seem to be of that same opinion fortunately.

This brings me to the main reason for this journal. Once again I want to thank all my watchers, viewers and commentators very much for their support. I never manage to answer you all personnally as I would like to do. But the landmark of having reached 200 submissions on this gallery, which have been viewed 24630 times by now, should not pass without this vote of thanks!

Good luck and good light to all of you,


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