Hilversum, Netherlands

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The little girl keeps doing well

No worry: I shall not give a diary of the development of your granddaughter here. After all this is not really the place to do so. So it may be enough to tell you today that we saw her again yesterday, going “baby-sitting” for the first time so that her parents could go out together and enjoy the afternoon sun in a near-bye park. The little one is not yet allowed outside, due to her being born too early. To our great joy she is clearly doing well.

The main purpose of this journal is a vote of thanks. I am overwhelmed by all the many reactions from your side. So many congratulations, often so nicely put. I have experienced this as a wonderful wave of warmth and well-wishing which did enhance our happiness all the more.

So this gallery which of course is directed to our photographic work, became a touching source of human interaction! Ever so many thanks for it, dear friends.

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