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A miracle has happened.

The birth of a new baby may be a daily event, happening ever so many times during the day all over the world. But if you look at the birth of an individual baby, things are quite different. This new little person is a miracle, in its perpetuation of the life cycle, in its potential and perfect shape, formed by the forces of nature in a process of millions and millions of years.

But the greatest miracle is this little person when she is your own granddaughter! I am very happy to be able to announce to all my friends here, too, that since nearly a fortnight we have been transferred into the great status of grandparents by our youngest daughter. As the little lady, calles Yfke Isabel, was born four weeks too early, we were somewhat apprenhensive in the very beginning, but now she is at home since five days and developping very well, with her mother in great shape too. So it is just bliss.

If you want to see a picture of this little miracle, please take a look at my latest submission on deviantArt. Normally I keep personal pictures from the galleries, but the most important life events should be shared here too, should they not? Especially as some friends over there did ask so intensely for it.

Here is the link:


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