Selective Coloring Time To Share

I had the honor of doing a collaboration with Jo O’Brien
Please also check out her portfolio it is amazing!!
I have also had lots of questions how I do this.
She had an image that we worked on together and I did some post processing using selective coloring. Its a technique that I would suggest everyone try or learn.

Go Here
if you have not yet seen it.

There are several ways to achieve this.
I use photoshop elements and find it the easiest to use for doing this.
- Trace the images that I want to leave color using the lasso tool (Can take a long
time but its worth it)
- After you have traced everything you want to leave color goto select and click inverse.
- By clicking inverse you are now on the outside of the images that you traced.
- Click on enhance and adjust color then adjust hue/saturation.
- Turn the saturation all the way off to achieve the black and white.
- Then you can go to enhance and click on adjust lighting then goto shadows and
highlights to adjust your black and with levels.
- Click on select then click deselect and you image should be finished.

From there you can go in and play with the saturations to bring out more color or whatever you want to do.

Its a technique that you would be surprised can save any image you take if you are creative.

So if you like go check out the Image and leave a comment of what you think.
I am here if anyone has any questions I would be happy to help anyone out if I can.

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