Taking Your Camera Everywhere

I wanted to share a funny experience I had with my Brother-In-law back in 2005.
I also consider him one of my best friends. We always have fun whatever we do.

Vincent Vartorella – who just joined redbubble a while back is my brother-in-law in case you don’t know.

When we go places we love to take our cameras. It doesn’t matter where we go or what we are doing. I guess you could say we share the same interest in photography and enjoy it.
We screw around all time and we are always sneaking pictures of each other and having fun when the other isn’t looking. We probably have more pictures of each other than you could imagine and we just laugh.

We went on a all day golf trip and I took my Sony Cybershot small camera with us, it was new at the time.
We used the heck out of that camera shooting every shot you could imagine.
It was a blast.

We were heading to the 17th green and I said "Hey I have an idea, why don’t you go up on the green and I will hit a shot towards the green and we can see what it looks like on video. We never used the camera for video. So we wanted to see how the quality was. I dropped a ball about 100 yards from the green and he went and stood directly by the flag.
Of course he had to add his commentary to the shot which made this hilarious.

Go Here
To see what happened.

To this day we still laugh and can not believe this happened.
What are the odds?

So one day I posted it on You Tube for fun. The funny part is its kind of popular I have a ton of hits on it.

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