HEROES - I cannot be stopped!

I think I just might have come up with a brilliant idea.
Is anyone hooked on the TV show Heroes as much as I am?

It is a show about people who have super powers
There is a character on the show named “Sylar”
He is supposedly the bad super hero.
He can absorb other peoples powers by eating their brains.

I went on a shopping spree yesterday and bought lots of cards.

My IDEA (ok kind of a stolen idea, buts it my idea with a twist)

I eat all of your cards and absorb your artistic powers.
I will report back and let you know how this goes.
I am thinking I just might need some ketchup or something.
Also I didn’t really feel like finding everyone and trying to eat your brains.
Kind of made me gag a little bit. Not sure I could handle that.

Ruler of the Bubble
I am gonna eat all your cards. MUHAAAA MUHAAAAA

LOL. Thought I would share with you all of you how warped my mind is.
I have issues.

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