John's Pay it Forward Artist of the Week December 26 2008

Craig Shillington

This weeks “Johns Pay it Foward Artist of the Week” is Craig Shillington.

Craig is a great asset to Red Bubble, all you have to do is scroll through his message board only to see the respect and admiration he receives. I believe this comes from the time and effort Craig puts into helping other bubblers through his thoughtful comments, or his “How To”journals.

Please take the time to visit Craig Shillington’s profile, take a look at his work, read his writing / journals and enjoy the thoughts and images of a great bubbler.

Just some of Craigs work
A Night Like This

Old Friends


Don’t forget to congratulate / thank Craig for his outstanding inspiration, assisting others across RedBubble.

Thanks Craig, “Great effort”!!!!!!!!

Cheers John

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