Following my wrestling match with Blurb’s awful ‘BookSmart’ I was delighted to present my new book ‘Art for a New Paradigm’, and even happier when I received my hard copy through the post: it looked gorgeous!!!!

However, my joy was tainted somewhat by the realisation that Blurb’s printers had slapped a barcode across part of the text on the back cover of the book – I had been meticulous in ensuring that I stayed within the print guidelines within BookSmart, and nothing in their design templates had warned of this :o(

Having contacted Blurb’s support staff to confirm that the error was theirs (it was), I requested a refund, took the book offline, and set to work producing a revised version – allowing for the offending bar code this time…

Whilst I was at it, I took several deep breaths and rang the bell for round 2 with BookSmart: having had chance to review the hard copy thoroughly I’d decided to add 18 further pages (brave me!) and replace several of the art work images with higher resolution images…

So, thanks to a cock-up and spurred on by the notion that the book would look even better and be better value for money for my collectors, I have completed the mammoth task of creating a new, improved, updated version of ‘Art for a New Paradigm’ – a full 60 pages of full-colour, high resolution images enhanced (hopefully!) by my literary ramblings and presented for your delight and mine as a hard copy book or eBook…

Here’s a link to the page on Blurb where you can see a full preview of the entire book, for those of you who would like to share my joy in seeing my first ever book published. And remember, should you feel motivated to purchase a hard copy for yourself, you can do so whilst basking in the knowledge that Blurb print copies ‘on demand’ only, so no paper waste whatsoever will ever be generated in the printing of this book. How cool is that?!

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