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Bubblers Trip to RMNP

Sorry I’ve been late in, well, just about everything here on RB for the last week or so. I haven’t posted or commented on much – my apologies to all the great artists here.

What I did want to post about is a recent Bubblers trip to RMNP last weekend. JLDunn and dretke1 joined my son and I in Rocky Mountain National Park for the rutting elk.

it was a great trip with 2 exceptions – it rained almost the whole time, and I had the worst time finding elk. Every other trip to RMNP, including the weekend before, we found elk everywhere; that weekend, I could only find a few isolated pockets of elk. And these were the most camera-shy elk I’ve ever encountered. A few bugles and they either high-tailed it into the brush or up the side of a mountain and away.

Hopefully I can connect with Gary Lengyel and his moose or John De Bord the next time.

I had a great time – I hope you gals did too.

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