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Lakewood, United States

I’m primarily a nature photographer, usually wildlife, and I have lots of access to wildlife in Colorado. My main goal is to capture some...


My electronic devices seem to be plotting against me. Again. After ongoing connectivity problems (forgive me for not commenting on more works during this trying time) and hard disk problems, I think I have most of the problems dealt with.

I thought I lost a bunch of my archived RAW files after an external drive failure. I thought I backed everything up, and apparently I did, but my computer just can’t see the files for whatever reason. It’s a complicated process of using different software to locate the files and move them so that Windows can no find them on the drive.

Fortunately that’s not frustrating or anything.

On a positive note, I’ve managed to inhibit the impulse to take a large hammer to the system. Nothing like practicing a little impulse control to make the day go by a little more quickly.

Next time around I’m getting a Mac.

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