Jay Ryser

Lakewood, United States

I’m primarily a nature photographer, usually wildlife, and I have lots of access to wildlife in Colorado. My main goal is to capture some...

A Little Bit of an Absence

I haven’t been able to keep track of things here as much as I’d like lately. Busy, busy . . . Since I was getting a little burned out at work, I decided to take the day off to devote to photography (and a new lens – a Sigma 300mm f/2.8 – ooooooh, baby . . .).

I went to my favorite fox location (like usual). Lately the coyotes have taken over and the foxes have been pretty skittish. I wasn’t expecting to see much either. I was about to leave when a pair of my favorite foxes made an appearance (I was also relieved – I’ve been worried about them with all the coyotes).

Fortunately, they were a little less skittish today and I managed to take a few pics (many more pics are posted on my web site – an amateur effort, I assure you). I even managed to locate an active den site, but no kit pics yet. Maybe this weekend I can take some.

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