My Art Added to Colleen Gleason's Blog

A week ago I had finished a series of books called the “GARDELLA VAMPIRE CHRONICALS” written by Colleen Gleason. I was so entranced by her characters that i created a piece of Fan Art that depicts what I thought the main Character VICTORIA GARDELLA GRANTWORTH would look like in my own minds eye.

I wanted to share the image with Colleen so I wrote to her, She is one of the most interesting and supportive people that i have had the aquaintance to meet! (The Funny thing is that she was finishing a novel who’s character was named Jade, what a coincidence!) LOL.

She loved the image so much she has honoured me by positing a blog entirely about it with all links leading back to red bubble and special thanks to the amazing stock artists whos images were supplied to be able to create the fan art!

You can view the bog here:
Drop her a line, she is such a sweet, intelligent and talented writer, you may just like her books as much as i do!

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