Pondering and wondering...

Ok it is coming close to the anniversary of my mothers death, she passed away on the 21st of November 2007. So it will be one year next month. I have heard that activity can heighten around the time of anniversaries, but last night when I had a strange experience, I was not thinking about that.

Not only has in the last week been a funny one, but last night took the cake.

Last weekend, I was sitting alone watching tv, and wasn’t thinking or feeling anything really, just relaxing and all of a sudden footsteps were moving in my kitchen area, they moved right to the doorway into my loungeroom and stopped. I did start to feel a little on edge at that point as I was alone in the house.

Then within a few moments, there was breathing in my right ear and a feeling like something was under the couch pushing upwards, no idea but it was very odd. And very cold. At that moment, I decided to go see a friend for the night as I had not got much sleep the night before, and I knew the last thing I wanted to do was stay up another night.

Then to get to the point lol.. last night, I was sitting and actually watching a movie called Shutter, that is about the paranormal, but was by far scary to me, I do not find this scary at all. I was sitting watching this movie, and all of a sudden, both my arms between my wrists and my elbows, I felt pressure as if someone was holding my arms, not firmly but enough for me to notice, and also notice that I had goosebumps only in the area where I felt this, but it felt kind of comforting rather than anything bad. I accepted the situation, and continued watching the movie, it lasted only about 5 minutes and was gone. Maybe I should have got the camera out at that point, but I certainly don’t want to freak my children out. So I do not say anything about this when they are around, unless they mention anything.


My son saying he heard someone running towards him from the kitchen to the back room.

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