You must repent
Confess your sins
You have sinned
There are only a few who will be saved
I am righteous
You believe differently
so you will not go to the Kingdom of Heaven
All other religions are wrong
Ours is the only one
The only to be saved
You need to be cleansed
You will go to hell if…
There is only one way….

I believe the only true way is not to create devision but to unite and except all others and what they believe. What gives one man a right to judge another?

When will “religion” realise that its not a contest?
When will they realise that God is within and not just if you go to church on Sunday?

Religion has caused wars, and has devided, its a congregation, a community, a culture. It has its place, but some hide behind its walls in fear, believing they will burn in hell if they don’t do the right thing, are afraid to think beyond what is preached. Some live different lives outside Sunday. I, by no means believe its a completely bad thing, but do believe in some situations, that it actually hinders the spiritual journey of the individual, especially if they have an experience that the “church” does not believe in.

What is the most important thing in regards to our beliefs?


Faith is within us.

Treat others as you would want to be treated.

What is true?

Well deep down we all know what is true.
You know within your hearts.

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