Light through the darkness

In times of darkness
where shadows grip the light
and the heaviness of burden overides
love reaches through with its golden hand
and warms the way within your chest
A familiar comfort emerges
Where from is unknown
An inner song rejoices
Reflecting on the murky past
Opening your eyes to possibilities
Showing you the truth of lessons learned
Holding onto hope
Reassurance that all is well
Knowing that without darkness
The light becomes insignificant
The journey has not ended
It has only begun
New lessons to embrace
Armour from the past
Entwines your body
Each lesson squeezing tighter
Yet knowledge liberates
Clouds part within the mind
Creating equilibrium and tranquillity
For those who surround you
Without judgement
Know who you truly are
Contained within a portion of their soul
For all eternity
Knowing always that someone truly loves you.

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