Touched with a kiss....

The warmth of your touch
The shiver running down my spine
As you touch my face
Electricity pulsates
through every cell in my body
My skin is heating up
Goosebumps cover my whole person
I shake from the intensity of your touch
Your manly hand touches my spine
My body feels in shock
As if I have been jolted
My breath is taken away
Then you kiss me
Firm yet soft
We are like one in that moment
As you kiss me
you pull me in closer
I feel I am wrapped up in your body
I melt into you
You hold me up
As the intensity of your kiss
Weakens my knees
A tear fills my eye
Never knowing such beauty
Such wonder
At that moment
You have taken me
To a place so rare so sweet
This day will stay with me
Never forgotten.

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