I make worlds. I design art and fractals along specific themes, worlds that pull in the eye and leave the mind asking questions — those are the worlds I create; where mystery and the enigma hold power, where symbols define the lines that the colors follow. Ex nihilo, ad infinitum.

I walk in dreams and dream waking. Who am I?
~San Jaya Prime


Source: San Jaya Prime is an international muralist and music orchestrator based out of Austin, Texas. While the ATX holds his source orbit, he is constantly traveling in orbits around Black Rock City, Nevada and Paris, France. Please forgive any delays in response-time to messages.


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The Legendary “Bangles del Aguila” Collection

These circular symbol fractals form an infinite set of geometric nested circles, one within another, as if an endless stack of bangles were centered on an eye that measured a soul of unknown — possibly boundless — depths.

“Jaya Prime’s artwork fully captures the essence of fractal art and translates the ethereal message of the spirit into a visual masterpiece.”

~Katrina Rasbold, author of more than twenty books, and co-author of Days and Times of Power, CUSP, and Reuniting the Two Selves


Shattered Glass Fractalscapes


Featured Fractalscapes

“San Jaya Prime is an artist with a golden art.”

~LAQHA, founder, curator, and editor for FISAL, FIBAW, and FITER

  • Joined: February 2016


Tags and Keywords for Redbubble in 2019

Here are my thoughts combined with details from Redbubble on tags and keywords for 2019 and the immediate future. / TLDR: To quickly summarize for those who don’t want to read the full entry: / - Use 15-20 tags on every piece of art you post. / - Tags should be taken from the title of the art and the description you wrote. / - Do include tags for locations, colors, styles, feelings, subject…
Posted about 2 months – 4 comments

Voyage Dallas Magazine - Meet Jaya Prime

After being featured during on of the artist roundups for Voyage Dallas magazine, they reached out and interviewed me. I just got the awesome news that the interview was published this very week! / Voyage Dallas Magazine – Meet Jaya Prime / I linked them back here to my Redbubble, as well as to Fractals by Jaya on Instagram … and of course to my Patreon that I started last year. / In …
Posted 8 months – 3 comments

Thing Doing Zone: Do you Tumbl? Tumblr theme and THANK YOU

I have so many thank yous to shout out, and I am finally getting a little time to breathe. / First! Are you on Tumblr? I released the new Under Construction: Thing Doing Zone theme for Tumblr this month, and it’s spreading fast. I built it with artists in mind, and it’s a very powerful theme. / • Install: Thing Doing Zone / • Demo: The Little Potato / • Live on my site:…
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Tip Number One, the Tip of Tips: Choose Your Title Wisely

Whether for sharing your art or for selling your art, I have a few tips to help you succeed. I would love to see you, my fellow artists, grow and spread even more art into the world. / We all agree that making art you love is the most important part. After that, the most important tip for boosting your art is the title you choose. I can not emphasize this enough, and I’ll explain it in term…
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