New Work...

Well after a few years of dealing with a pretty wild depression I decided to come back to the art I love so much. Although you might see a change in the work perhaps it’s due to the significant changes in my life over the past few years. My goal is as it always was, to celebrate the beauty of woman and nature together.

I’ve started painting again. I’m not sure if I ever wrote about painting here but about a year ago I started dabbling with paint and about 2 months ago I started feeling the urge to really go for it. So I am. I’m working on two oil paintings at the moment. Mainly because it takes forever for them to dry so I go back and forth on them. Right now I’m painting from my photos and have done one shoot that was strictly for painting reference. I’ll post something from that shoot soon. and I’ll start uploading pics of paintings once their done.

Thanks again for watching and checking out the work.


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