Thanks to everyone who commented and favorited the shots with the beautiful Elizabeth. I will be posting more from our shoot over the next few days.

As you may have guessed the shot with Elizabeth went very well. I shot close to 800 images over the course of our two hour shoot. I shot some real doosies but I also got a lot of good ones too. Working with her was a dream. She was very easy to work with. And her pose repertoire was amazing. We repeated a few poses in different locations but other than that most of the poses she did were unique.

What I found most striking about her was her comfort with her body and with being nude. We started off the shoot with a knit top but after 5 minutes that came off and she was nude for the remainder of our shoot. It was refreshing to be around someone that comfortable with her body. Of course it was also nice to be on a beach where we didn’t see another person until the last 5 minutes of the shoot.

We both had a tremendous amount of fun and I hope she visits Hawaii again real soon.

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