It's Casual Videogame Time!!

The warmth given to me by the RB Community pushed me to present something that can’t be (for now) presented on this site. I love drawing, animation, but most of all I dream to create a videogame: amazing 3D graphic, wonderful game play, and all those great stuff… but make a real video game is so hard, you haev to know so many things, like programming language, algorithms, 3D engine, sound… and you need so much time.
So I downsized my passion in something that I could handle: the casual game. Casual games are easier games that can be like a big game: they can be nice to see and funny to play.
Well, to be short, here it is my third flash casual game! XD
I don’t know if I got the point (nice and fun), I’d like you tell me what you think :)) (click the link beneath)

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