Falling For A Rose; A Love story From Seoul.

Started: May 13 2007
Ended: March 29 2008

“dreams reach out to us with the intention of containing us within a world of
happiness, but often when we attempt to reach back, fragments of reality
etch into the delicate strains of our fantasies. What remains in the aftermath
is the oblivion that leaves us no choice but to abandon hope and return to the
real world”

Apart from the occasional passing of cars and the light rustling of leaves,
Sudae heard no other noises. There was a solemn feel to the lifeless night, and
she felt a bit uneasy under the watchful glare of the full moon looming above.
In her mind, she envisioned glowing eyes that did not belong to insects nor
owls, but something much more disturbing. I guess that’s what happens, she
thought, after watching all those horror movies.

Ridding these thoughts from her mind, Sudae quickened her pace, head
retreating into the warmth of her scarf, which enmeshed with her long silky
hair in the presence of a chilly, lingering wind. Every so often she would pluck
her stiff hands out of the shallow pockets of her white jacket just to fix her
hair, as though she was exposed on a catwalk to the scrutiny of an invisible
audience. SUdae gave a tiny yawn, the tears that formed crystallising as they
left her eyes, forcing her hands into action once more.

She had been to the cinema again, and she had gone there alone as usual,
sitting in dark anonymity for several hours straight. Tomorrow was Friday -
school started later than normal – so had it not been for the coldness of the
night, she would not have been in such a hurry to get home. She continued in
a robotic manner, taking turns without thinking and breathing quite
mechanically, sighing at the thoughts of the meaningless redundancies that
dominated her life. For her, home offered no consolation other than the
warmth of a bed and sleep.

When she arrived at the front door of her home, she sighed in relief. Unknown
to her, he examined her from behind the garden shrub, his crazed eyes
widening with lust and desire, his lingering shadow printed against the
pavement. Oblivious to her mysterious admirer, Sudae stood there for a while
longer as her hands searched the backpack for the key. Then re-emerging from
within the bag, her perfect fingers snapped, almost melodically to him,
frustrated at the fact that she have obviously forgotten the keys.

Dongsun continued to gawk in amusement as he traced her eloquent
movements with his eyes. He knew that there was a spare key under the
welcome rug and that every time Sudae forgot to carry her keys she would
bend over, take the spare key from under the rug with a magical grace and
push it delicately in the key hole; he also noted how she turned the key
clockwise and there would be two small clicks before the door was unlocked.
He tried to refuse himself to come anywhere close to her as blood would rush
from his veins and he would lose control. She was like a drug to him; the light
fragrant in her hair and the baby smoothness of her skin, he wanted it all. He
wanted her. She was too perfect; her flawless beauty dazzled him in the
presence of light, and even so now. The look on her face, the expression so
cold he could embrace her before the world, until the ice within melted away
forever. He died to know more, and everything, and anything that lay beneath
that mask.
Dongsun clambered onto a tree so he could get a closer view of Sudae in her
room, she trudged slowly towards the window and opened them how she
always would, the curtains blew romantically in the wind as she gazed outside
into the slumbering world. She turned around to her mirror and stared at
herself, standing there she looked into it with an melancholy face, and like
everybody else she didn’t deny her own beauty. Beauty, it was the ideal thing
that brought happiness to people, but if it was happiness, she reflected, then
why did she feel cursed? Beauty comes at a price.
She took off her jacket and threw it onto the bed and removed her other
garments. The cool winter breeze leaked through the window as foul air
escapes a sewerage exit, sending shivers down her spine as she wrapped a
towel around her body and made her way slowly to the bathroom.
“Damn it”, Dongsun swore under muffled breath, as he tried to follow her with
his gaze but with no luck. She was out of sight. He had watched her undress
before, her back against the window many times now. Determined to see
more, Dongsun shifted his position clumsily on the tree branch and searched
for a window where the bathroom was. Bingo! There was a small window at
the side of the house. Once again, in a slow but awkward manner he
manoeuvred to the other branch to bring himself closer to her. The window
wasn’t completely closed nor was it opened, and with a stroke of luck he found
a small gap in which he could poke his eyes into quite comfortably. To his
disappointment, her back was still facing the window.

Sudae lathered soap against her skin in circular motions on her arms and
against her back, her jet black hair was streaked against her shoulders and
hips while the water cascaded in random patterns onto her body. Dongsun
watched her in awe, he wanted to reach out and stroke her. He tried to get a
better look at her by moving around a bit more but then the branch snapped
loudly, giving in to his weight, sending him whirling into the ground. Sudae
paused momentarily to the sound of a soft cry and a thud, but quickly
dismissed it as the neighbours cat. Dongsun gave a labored groan, laying on
the ground winded, unmoving. He felt a harsh thrashing on his left temple,
and, looking up at the sky involuntarily, watched as a blackness darker than
the night closed in on him. Unconscious…

Dongsun placed his left hand to the side of his head. He became aware of a
mysterious aching and the burning sensation of heat radiating from his
temples. With ever so sluggish progress he managed to lift himself from bed,
which had seem unusually hard and unwelcoming. zztt…ztt.. everything save
this faint vibrating escaped his perception. “Dongsun…Dong…” His head
jerked involuntarily. “Dongsun!…” He recognised that voice, but there was
no sweetness to the tone, rather, a desperate and strained cry. Sudae was in
trouble! Dongsun felt a supernatural surge of energy, as if touched by a
goddess. He had to save her, or he would not forgive himself. There was no
time for the door, and instead he lept out of the window of the second floor in
a vigorous burst. “I’m coming Sudae!!” he roared.
And then he was there. She was there. They were there. Dongsun stood there
dumbly, wondering what had happened. Just a moment ago he had jumped
outside of a house, and was now in an alleyway; the atmosphere was
dominated by a sinister darkness. Five shadowy figures stood under undying
rain and storm, seemingly engaged in some conspiracy. Sudae lay on the
concrete below looking pale and feeble. “Dong…” He took a measured step
forward, careful not to rouse any attention. “Dong…” A stroke of lightning
flashed, revealing the five to be men of incredible stature, one of them with a
needle in hand. Dongsun figured he could confront them all; he couldnt bear
to wait another moment. “Get your hands off my girl!!”, he cried as he
reached into his pocket instinctively and pulling out a pistol. What the
hell…where did this come from? Suppressing his bewilderness, Dongsun
gave a wild shot and the bullet screamed into the darkness. The men backed
away in uncanny speed, melding also into the blackness. “Dongsun… you
came for me… my…love…” He almost choked at the words, and before
Dongsun could reply, the entire world disappeared.

Dongsun opened his eyes to the moist smell of morning dew. And the taste of
a bird’s lunch from the previous day. Yuck. “Oh ****, that was a ****ing
dream. Damn bird ruined it all.” He slammed his fist onto the grass, cursing at
his own stupidity. “Get your hands off my girl?”, he thought, that didnt sound
like a hero at all, moreso a loser. “That’s probably what I am though”, he

“Get out of the house, you’re going to be later for school! If you don’t get a
good job, you’ll be on the streets Sudae, understand? Get the hell out, NOW!”.
Dongsun remembered now, he was at Sudae’s house. The throbbing in his
head had receded by now, and it was still dark enough for him to slip away
unnoticed. But why was Sudae’s father so aggressive towards her? Judging by
the lack of sun it could only be 4:00am at most, and school didn’t start until
11:00am today. Reminding himself that his parents would be awake in an
hour, Dongsun removed these thoughts from mind and hurried home,
stopping periodically to spit out the last of the bird’s disastrous concoction.

Sudae took her time getting to school that morning, the only force compelling
her was the prospect of pulling through, to graduate. The last thing she
wanted was to end up as a high school drop out with no future. Three more
grudging months of school, and then she would be free; a rose in a garden of
perpetual sunlight.

The school gates seemed comparable to prison gates, Sudae thought as she
arrived. There had always existed a shackling feeling when she was at school,
coupled with the unwelcoming glares of the other female students. They hate
me, she reflected to the simultaneous caving in of her heart. Depression

“Slut” and “boyfriend stealer” were the only words her paranoia
had allowed her to hear this morning, through whispers of venom and
apparent hostility. Over the years her emotions had retreated to frozen and
forsaken recesses, and these words only scratched at the impenetrable barrier.
She had endured the punishment for what seemed to be eternity. She ignored
there glares and continued to the class room; they could hurt her no more.
Dongsun arrived to class just in time before the bell rang. He had a small
bandaid clumsily applied against his forehead. There he caught Sudae sitting
in her seat starring out the window, unheeding to her environment and
preoccupied in her own lonely world. He told himself that this would be the
day that she noticed him, however pathetic he would strike her as. She had
never stared at him let alone given him a mere glance; or any
acknowledgement of his presence. Maybe he would greet her first. His mouth
opened to speak.

“Hey-” BRRRRRRRINNNNNNNNNNG. Bad timing – the bell drowned out the
squeak of his voice. Students flooded into the class room engaged in vigorous

“Yah Dongsun, what happened to you” ask one of the girls – it was Yumi, his
classmate. She tilted her head ever so playfully and peeped at his band aid,
laughing “did you fall out of a tree or something”. Dongsun tried to keep
himself composed and respectful as he could.

“I would rather you not interrogate me with such petty intent, Yumi. Perhaps
you should study for the upcoming exams you know; there’s no time for
fooling around”. He put on the most serious stare he could conjure up, pushed
his reading glasses into place with his index finger, where they fit perfectly
into the grooves that the glasses had made over the years. What else was a
class captain to do, but set a good example?

“Ok, ok. Don’t need to be that serious, Mr captain” she said, walking off and
pretending to kick Sudae’s chair and table accidentally. “Oh sorry, i didnt see
you…” she spat vindictively while glaring at Sudae before sitting down. Sudae
ignored her, focus still drawn to the outside world.

Dongsun tried to get Sudaes attention the whole morning, but she didn’t so
much as turn in his direction. He even answered all questions the teacher had
asked the class, which accompanied a response of several isolated ssunshines
and whispers but nothing from Sudae. He was a full on hardcore nerd – but
that was the least of his worries.

Sudae sat isolated from the class room, in that throne of ice she had sculpted
for herself. One of the reasons why she detested school; no motivation and no
friends. Her thorns pricked those who dared to approach with anything more
than hatred.

The bell rang for lunch and everybody hurried out, and surprisingly Sudae got
up as well. She followed the crowd outside to the Gym and outer grounds of
the school. Everybody was talking about them; MinJe the richest and cutest
guy in the grade; his parents owned the grand hotel in Seoul and he was
dating Yumi, and Minje’s best friend Hanzo; a splitting image of the DBSK’s
Kim JaeJong who all the other girls had the hots for.

Sudae studied them from afar; she didn’t want to get closer. Yumi sat on
MinJe’s lap spoon feeding him her home made lunch and looking extremely
satisfied with herself as she tried to wipe Minje’s lips with a napkin. Hanzo
busied himself with the other girls and was near by the couple. He saw Sudae
and waved. She scoffed at him and stormed off, uninterested.

“Immature guys” she muttered.

Dongsun stayed back in class to finish off his science project; he sat in the
class room alone and his thoughts drifted to other things – Sudae wasn’t the
only one who filled his mind. “I don’t have much time” he told himself; just
three more months.

“Still working on it?” Hanzo said as he entered the empty class room.
“Yeah, I want to get it finished before the due date, not surprisingly.”
“I don’t have much time…” Dongsun stuttered, a single drop of sweat
“Huh?”, Hanzo wore an expression of confusion.
“Er.. nothing, i just want to get it over and done with so then i can do other
things. That’s all…”

“What do you think of Sudae”, Hanzo said in a sly, jokingly voice. He began to
smile. Dongsun froze and his nerves tingled and jolted. Oh no, he thought,
somebody cant possibly know what I’ve been up to, they wouldn’t look at me
the same, I’m the senior captain. The word “stalker” repeated in his mind over
and over as if it were a tape in a faulty video set constantly rewinding. He tried
to casually hide it.

“…what are you talking about???”, trying to conceal the air of suspicion.
“Well you know, she’s pretty hot, aye?”
well blardy obvious, genius, Dongsun thought as he eyed Hanzo, glue stick in
hand. “…yes she’s attractive…what about her?”
“Man you know nothing. Wait are you a gay or something, you don’t check out
girls that often!” Hanzo laughed in a teasing manner. “Just make sure i’m not
your first victim aye, haha? Well man I don’t know why she’s such a loner but
I’d definitely give her a shot. I’m going to make my move this afternoon and
seeing that you sit across from her in class I told you first. wish me luck
captain!”. He disappeared out of the class room.

Although many guys were always after Sudae, she never responded to their
advances. Dongsun didn’t mind though as long as he could watch over her
from a distance, and if one day she did meet that man he only hoped they
would treat her with the care and respect she deserved. He’d be happy if she
found that somebody to keep her company. Seeing her alone all the time was
kind of depressing.

Sudae woke up to a small headache, finding herself in on field. She
remembered she had left the gym during lunch and went down to hill and sat
there, where she had fallen asleep. Dead leaves and grass clung to her back
like compost; the grass did nothing to soften the hard ground. She checked
her watch. 3.30pm. School had already finished and she had missed out a
whole lesson. Oh well. It didn’t bother her. She got up half staggering and
wiped the grass off her backside. I’d better go back to class and get my things,
she thought as she made her way leisurely back to the lifeless buildings,
smelling the cool air.

On her way, she bumped into somebody; she apologised hastily and bowed
her head sincerely, “sorry, sorry my bad”
“its alright”. Sudae looked up and saw Minje.
“Hi…” he said. Both stood there in fast forward motion.
“What are you doing?” she asked. This obviously was not his class room
“i was getting Yumi’s bag… she’s in the car” he said, avoiding her nostalgic
gaze. The world slowed down. Minje gathered the things in his hands and
proceeded to walk away. He paused. Sudae held his hand back. They were
chilly, but with a strange warmth, weakly with a touch of determination.
“I miss you Minje-Ah” she uttered his name the way she used to. Memories
suddenly overwhelmed him, but he struggled to keep a neutral demeanour.
“Don’t, Sudae. Its in the past…lets just forget it. Yumi is my girlfriend
now…I’m sorry about everything. I…I have to go”, he said as he loosened her
grip with his hands, careful not to hurt her. He left her standing there.

“If you need anything just call me, we are still friends… right?” he said in a
cheerful attempt. Sudae kept staring after he had left. Shattered.
“Honey, that took long. did you have trouble finding my class room?” Yumi
asked as Minje hoisted her belongings into the trunk.

“I just ran into a…friend” said Minje who was normally straight forwad and
ellaborate about things to her.

“Man, i cant find Sudae anywhere at all” sighed Hanzo who was at the back of
the car.
“why do you like Sudae anyway?” sneered yumi, “nobody likes her, after what
she did to me”

Minje turned on the engine and music boomed destructively into the pristine
atmosphere. He didn’t want to hear anymore. He turned on the volume to full
blast, ignoring their conversation. Thoughts clustered his mind, unaffected by
the raging crescendo. Everything of the past and of everything that had
happened up until now. Regret. Wayward thoughts replayed themselves as he
drove, remembering down to the finest detail from the beginning to end, end
to beginning.

Her eyes regarding him in complete darkness, their lips touching; the way her
skin slid under his palms and fingers and the softness of her hair that tickled
him. Her calling out to him over and over again.

“Minje-ah, do you think we could stay like this forever?”
He ran away, melting with each step, burning with each breath.

Sudae walked home, that was the first time he had talked to her after the long
silence between them but other than that, she thought she deserved to be
treated more with respect, the neighborhood appeared in front of her and she
was home. She opened the door to fumes of smoke and to find that her dad
was yet again drunk. The house was a mess…

His stare was filled with frenzied desire and sin, and burned with a lustful
“Don’t touch me!”, she screamed. “get away!”, her words now in short frantic
bursts. Lamps were smashed on the floor, chairs tossed and bits of glass were
shattered from the kitchen cabinet like shrapnel buried in post war zones. She
started to tremble uncontrollably while tears threatened to disperse from her
bloodshot eyes.

Oblivious to the symptoms of Sudae’s fear, he seized her by the arms and
pinned her against the wall in a rough violent manner, slamming her back
against the hard, uneven bricks that pierced her backside relentlessly.

“Let go dad, you’re hurting me!” Sudae tried to push him away with no avail,
as if attempting to shift a concrete statue. His grip gradually dug itself into her
hips, becoming stronger and harder.

He continued, laughing drunkenly and said in a slurred, menacing voice,
“Suedae, its ok, I’m your step dad. Look how beautifully you’ve grown…”. He
was now so close that she could smell the foul alcohol he breathed onto her.
“Ha, ha, ha…”

Sudae found herself flung effortlessly onto the sofa and as he forced himself
onto her frail body, kissing her shoulders, drooling over her neck and face, she
screamed and squirmed hopelessly. She hated it; hated the feeling of being
overpowered. She felt disgusted. Her hands traced against the floor and by
chance her fingers ran across one of the lamps. Without a second thought, she
made a wild thrust for his head; the square blow ended his psychotic episode.
With her hands still quivering she touched her finger against his neck, relieved
at the fact that he was still alive, and at the same time hysterical at the
possibility of his reawakening.

She composed herself to the extent that her fear allowed, and ran upstairs to
pack her belongings and discovered she didnt have any money. “I cant stay
here…I wont let this…happen to me ever…ever again” she said to herself as
tears trickled down her pale cheeks. It was okay to cry now, nobody was
looking and nobody knew. She was just alone in this harsh world. She grabbed
her bag and ran out of the house.

Sudae only slowed down when she was sure that the house was out of sight.
The last of the sun had began to creep under the horizon and the dark
dominated the scene once again. She didnt have a place to stay. Suedae trotted
along the road disheartenedly, crying whenever the flash of a car’s light passed
her, knowing that whoever was inside had a destination to go to. For her,
however, there was nowhere to go to; she was homeless. There was only one
person who could help her now, and however reluctant she felt she had to ask.
She would not last on the streets tonight; anything could happen to her if she
lay down to rest.

Sudae put her hands in the pocket of her pants for warmth and was surprised
to find some coins. Forty cents. What could she buy with this? Across the road
she could make out the shadowy outline of a public phone booth.

Minje sat against the leather seat in his red sports car, with the music blurting
out intensely. He was on his way, like every other night, to the Grand hotel,
one of the most prestigious hotels that his family owned in Seoul. The light on
the road offered the only source of direction; he started to hum at the song
that the track was playing when the the vibration of his mobile phone caught
his attention. Who could it be, at this hour? He sighed and was rather annoyed

that he should have to turn off his music.
“Minje speaking” he said in the same monotone when he answered the phone.
“Minje… its me…”, the voice on the other line whispered, yet it was so
coherent. He stopped for a moment, breath stiffening.
“Sudae? Why did you call me?”

“I…” she paused on the other line “…I need your help. Just meet me at the
park where we used to go. Please Minje…please”. Sudae stood in the cold for
half an hour, feeling so dirty she would not even sit. She would wait it out,
scared that a single gesture of movement would rouse that b@stard from his
unconsciousness. Minje was the only person on whom she could depend,
although she had told herself to avoid him the rest of her life. Some things of
the past were perhaps even more unforgivable than the abuse she had endured

Minje hung up and sped off with an uneasy mind. He felt a clawing in his
heart, aching inhumanly for her as she spoke over the phone; there was
something definately wrong. He had, in the past, denied any associations with
her for the good of his reputation, but he wasn’t sure if he could leave her like
that out in the cold and feign indifference. There was definitely something in
there but he wasnt sure, he shrugged off his thoughts and focused on the main
thing; to pick her up and keep her safe.

He drove pass an intersection and turned left; the park slowly came into view
and a solemn, unmoving figure stood along the road with a large bag which
appeared empty. it must be her, he thought. When he came closer he could see
Sudae teary and her tee which was slightly ripped hanging off her shoulder.
Sudae tried to hold back the tears again when she saw Minje driving up from
the road. She kept herself composed and just stared at him as he beckoned her
to get inside the car, still remotely hesistant at her decision.

“Are you alright?” he said as she closed the door and sat across from him in
the passenger’s seat. Under a mask of confidence she shook her head and
vainly tried to cover her right shoulder from his view as she straightened up.
Minje impulsively stripped off his jacket and nearly embraced her petite body
with it; smelling the disgusting alcohol, memories flooded back to mind as this
image of her stabbed back at his heart. He restrained the animal within
himself from wanting to hold her, the longing to hug her.

“Do you have a place to stay for tonight?” he asked, she shook her head.
“Come with me then, stay at the hotel”

Sudae nodded this time, and they sat in silence as Minje continued to drive
along warily. An hour later they arrived infront of the hotel. Somebody would
be out any minute now to park Minje’s car for him.

“Sudae, we are here now”. There was no reply. He managed a glimpse at her as
he got out of the car, and saw that she had fallen asleep; her body still encased
inside his jacket like a baby in its blanket. He found himself gazing at her
guiltily, marvelling at her delicate form. Not wanting to wake her up, he
picked her up and carried her into the hotel lobby.

The workers he went by all paused in unison and bowed in synchronisation,
lowering their heads with a polite “Mr Lee, welcome back sir”. He nodded
back uncaringly and stepped inside the elevator. His own private penthouse
was at the top floor, strictly forbidden to the workers who were restricted to
the lower levels or in the Administration level.

Minje carried Sudae to the bed and at the same time trying to kick off his
shoes. He lay her on the bed and rested her head on the pillow and tucked her
into the blanket.

“Good night” he said and turned off the light. He went to his mini bar near the
kitchen to fix himself a drink. Settling down against the TV and switching it on
he relaxed until his phone gave an annoying vibrating noise again. He pulled it
out of his pocket and flipped it open.

“Minje speaking”
“Honey! its me Yumi! Yah i missed you so i decided to call”

Dongsun slumped on his desk with a sinking feeling when he noticed Sudae’s
seat was empty; where was she today? She was always at school in the
morining at least.

“Did you hear, Minje Lee and Sudae were at the hotel together last night.
Maybe thats why they both arent here at school today. Yumi, she called him
last night and he told her, she wasnt too happy” he overheard one of the girls

“What a sl9t, she’s still after Minje even though he’s with Yumi now” said the
other girl

Dongsun’s ear suddenly perked up, his Sudae with Minje at a Hotel?

“No wonder she wasn’t there” he blurted out to himself, only to realise where
he was, and promptly reverted to his nerdy self he settled back down, burying
himself in last nights homework he had so stubbornly forgotten about. He had
never overlooked homework before.

Dongsun had gone by to SuDae’s house the previous night but her window was
not open, nor was the bathroom occupied. He gave a concerned sigh, what
could she be doing with Minje?

“Yeah well, Yumi is planing to go to the Grand hotel today to confront Sudae, I
hope she gets what she’s asking for…you coming?” said the first girl.

Dongsun mentally noted down the name of the hotel. He would see if it was

Sudae woke up with the warmth of the blankets caressing her body and the
sun shining down against her face. She looked around to find herself in a
beautifully decorated room, and herself lying in a bed with clean white sheets.
Remembering that last night she had fallen asleep in the car she wondered
how she got here. As the realisation hit her she felt a searing blushed across
her face – he couldnt have carried her all the way here?

She got out of the bed and made an adventurous stroll around the place,
everything was so finely furbished and looked so modern, this must be the
hotel… she looked for Minje and found him asleep on one of the sofas. Her
heart began to beat in fervish rhythms as she approached closer and was
inches away from his face when he stirred in his sleep, startling her. She
backed away, stumbling, which roused him from his sleep. Opening his eyes,
he faced her with a momentary, lost silence.

“You’re awake”, he said rubbing his eyes and getting up from the sofa.
“Sorry for taking your bed” she apologized, feeling a wave of guilt.
“Are you hungry”, he asked “lets go downstairs and get something to eat, you
better get changed too”

Sudae nodded and came closer to Minje, she reached for him, nearly jumping
on him but instead hugged him.

“Thank you” she breathed in his ears; he held onto her tightly as well and for a
moment he felt a compulsion to kiss her right there on the spot. But he
couldnt, he had a girlfriend already. But it couldn’t purge the lust for Sudae
that naturally drew him closer to her, his best friend, who didn’t even know it.
The only girl he ever truely loved. But now, now he became an alien to their
situation. Was she a friend, or was she nothing? Torture.

After school Dongsun followed the girls on his bicycle to the Grand Hotel; he
had to find out what was going to happen and stop the cat fight.

Dongsun felt his legs driving hard against the peddles of the bike. He had to
get there before everybody did; fortunately he knew the short cut to the Grand
hotel so he didn’t need to go around in circles with the “scrap metals”, as he
loved to call it, Yumi was driving.
“I rather be environmentally friendly then drive in one of them,” he had said
before. There was always that proud, smug sensation whenever he reflected
upon it.

He arrive at the desired destination panting, licking his own sweat
involuntarily as it ran profusely down his forehead. Dongsun gave a frantic
dive off his bike, sending it crashing out behind him, and studied the
surroundings to make sure Yumi had not already arrived. His head swerved
from side to side as if paranoid of an invisible assailant. “where is she…,” he
thought, while scanning the front of the hotel, then squinting at the burning
perspiration in his eyes he saw it. In blinding, blurry vision he saw Sudae
standing there withMinje – together. " Why is Sudae here?" he thought to
himself, “all those times I’ve been watching her she had never been around
Minje… whats going on here??” Throughout the last two years of his life he
had watched over Sudae in a eagle-eyed omniscience…he remembered first
noticing her in the Visual Arts class room. Stumbled in there by accident, in
fact; she had been modelling for a live body drawing class. There she reclined
comfortably on a lounge, having nothing on but a white sheet covering her
modest body and posing like a goddess. Her white skin boasted perfection and
smooth silkiness, demanding all attention, but there was her face – it
resembled something fragile, and pleaded with charming innocence. That had
been the moment. Intangible arms beckoned and spurred and caressed him;
drew him to her. She had ensnared him without intention.

Dongsun reminisced about the first time he began to follow her, he knew it
was wrong at the time but now the act had been etched into his daily routine;
he couldn’t let such small guilt dominate his conscience. She had been walking
out of the art class after she got changed and he wanted to approach her.
Unsurprisingly, she didn’t see or notice him as she left the building,
leavingDongsun trailing behind her only to find he had followed her the whole
way home – he had no conscious recollection until Sudae’s front door slammed
behind her

Now he found himself in an awkward position. Why was she here with Minje?
Could she possibly had known that he was watching her all this time and
decided to toy with him? Or was it all a coincidence?

“You should probably eat something,” said Minje in a concerned tone, “at least
before you go…”

“I can’t…you know I’m not even supposed to be here,” Sudae said, feeling a
sad sensation flushing within in her as she struggled to contain her anguish.

Minje glanced uneasily at her “…well is there anyway i can help you??”

“Money, I need Money,” she pleaded again, “I’ll pay you back, I swear I will.”
From his hidden vantage point across the road, Dongsun absorbed the scene
like a sponge, noticing Minje pulling his wallet out of his pocket and giving
Sudae a couple of hundred dollar bills. Sudae bowed politely.

“This is all i have at the moment,” Minje muttered while emptying out his
wallet, “I’ll send you more if you need it.” Fumbling in his pocket he took out a
mobile phone and handed that over too, “…in case i need to contact you.”

Sudae looked at him, shocked and touched at the same time. “I’d better be
going then…” she spun around and hurried briskly away fast asMinje’s gaze
followed after her walking off into the distance.

Logic and reasoning then came to him naturally as a nerd, and by woeful
misconception he had jumped to a terrible conclusion.
“Oh My God!! Sudae is prostituting herself!!”

Yumi arrived shortly after the scene. Dongsun cringed at the sight and shook
his head, “Man that car is a beast.” Shrugging off the thought he found himself
relieved that Yumi had not caught them or things would have been over. He
sighed, “I better go see what she’s up to before there’s more trouble” and
hurriedly bustled off in search of Sudae.

seen you, you know i missed you so much! i heard you were here with
somebody “Honey Yah!” Minje turned to the squeak of Yumi’s voice. She ran
up to him like a child and embraced him with a strange new peculiarity.
“Where have you been all day?” Yumi gave that sly smirk as she always would

“I was,” he said without contemplation of the consequences, “Sudae was here.”
Suddenly Yumi’s smile turned to a frown.

“What!! So you’re telling me that SHE was here and…and you TWO were
alone together at a hotel
” Without giving him a chance to reply,Yumi
stormed away agonising as tears streamed out of her eyes. She headed for the
car door but Minje stopped her ever so calmly.

“Let me explain, Yumi” he began slowly, “Sudae was only here because she
needed a place to stay, you know she’s my childhood friend. I can’t just leave
her out in the cold…”

Yumi cried harder, almost deliberately trying now. “So this is how you treat
me when you say you love me, you Liar! You dont love me, nobody loves me,
nobody cares about me – you’re just here for the good times never for the bad”
she turned away from him and walked crying “I dont care anymore, whether i
die or live…”

Minje ran after her and restrained her tightly in his embrace, “Silly! Don’t be
like this, I want you and only you…” At that moment it was as if time had come
to a halt; they stood there in a frozen snapshot asYumi’s tears slowly dried
away. It was True Minje did love Yumi but he also cared about Sudae, was it
wrong to feel this way about two people? and if he did tell Yumi about it she
wouldn’t understand, she was too childish and a cry baby when she didn’t get
her way he had to sooth her fits by telling her what she really wanted to hear

Sudae hurried off into the crowds of people walking around in the metropolis
of Seoul, she had nowhere to go and nowhere to stay, she didn’t want to stay
back at the hotel withMinje , she was beginning to feel nostalgic and awkward
and she hated that feeling, it reminded her of her pitiful existence and anyway
staying back would’ve caused more troubles for him andYumi; unaware of
Him following her, sticking close like a shadow.

she better not offer herself to the next man thought Dongsun as he lurked
behind her blending into the background, i have to somehow talk to her, get
her to notice me. Sudae began to walk in a slow and uncertain pace again.

he finally brought up the courage “…excuse me miss…” he said in his soft
voice, but either she ignored him or didnt hear him she kept on walking.
Dongsun gave up his patient in a desperate measure and called out to her

Sudae froze and turned around and looked at the guy before her, he was young
about her age and he had glasses, she had never seen him before in her entire
life,Dongsun stood there and broke out in sweat he had always wanted Sudae
to at least acknowledge him but this was beyond that recognition her stare was
enticing yet – made him feel like he stood out. he paused as he didn’t know
what to say, all he knew was he didn’t want her to take another step and lose

“yes? can i help you?” she said her eye brow arched, there was something
suspicious and nervousness about him, he starting squeaking like a mouse as
if trying to tell her something and his arms reached out to her, for a moment
she thought he was going to hug her but instead his entire arms and hands
grabbed onto her bag.

“STOP!!” he begged her pulling at her arm and bag.
Frustrated Sudae yelled “what do you want, stop pulling at my bag you thief”
then she started to move away from him causing her bag to slip off her
shoulders and into his hands, she stepped backwards alert and ready to
scream “thief, bag snatcher!!”

Dongsun startled at her ferociousness quickly ran away frightened. Eep! she’s
chasing me he thought as he ran fast as he could and luckily the
environmentalist he was, he was quite good with running. He could feel his
heart beat fast; he had always wanted Sudae to chase him but not like this…
his fantasy was turning into a nightmare, how could he explain to her let alone
get her to trust him again, and he didn’t even know where he was running, just
away far far away until his brain could think again from the oxygen molecules
that were overcrowding his brain cells.

Sudae slowed down her pace, she knew it was too late as the robber escaped
from her sight with her bag; she wasn’t an athlete and she couldn’t catch up
with a fast runner. she gave up. her bag was gone her money and everything!!

argh! she screamed annoyed, this is why i hate men.

She began walking at a pace, feeling lost and robbed. she walked with her
hands in her pockets along the street feeling really depressed, I might as well
kill myself now she thought cynically. she walked to a window and looked at
herself in the reflection but she wasn’t aloneshe suddenly realised that there were two people standing behind her, she
turned around frightened.
“who are you?” she said, frightened they looked like 2 secret agent like
gangsters with a serious face.

“are you Kim Sudae?” the guy with the dark pair of glasses said
“yes. and who are u?” she asked.
“we are a secret underground organisation, your father has defaulted his
repayment on a loan” said the second guy who was wearing a bow with his
suit, professional thought Sudae.
“He is my STEP father!” she said in detest. “I’m not related to him so if you’re
thinking that I’m going to repay his loan, you are wrong. Good day to you” she
said angrily and walked off but before she could walk a couple of steps they
took her by the arm.

“I’m sorry Miss but you have to come with us, your step father is your legal
guardian & he has just signed you off as an asset and sold you to us to repay
his debt”
Sudae took one last glance at the men and a big black sat was thrown over her
head, first a daylight robbery and now an abduction? this was really her bad
she screamed and kick but it was no use, she didn’t know where she was going
but when she fell with a thud she knew she was thrown in the back of the car,
the engine roared loudly and she heard the tired screech as they took off with
her in the back trunk

Hanzo entered dark musky place, he could hear distant singing in the
background and the steam coming from the air
“Hanzo you’re back” said the owner of the place, greeting him as usual he was
one of her favourite customers, the old lady sitting behind the counter gave
him a key, “Room for one i suppose?” He smiled in return and took the key
from her. room #5 was always waiting for him, it was especially saved
forHanzo who paid a lot of money for this private room, his own singing
paradise in private too.
“anything new in today?” he asked Hoping that there would be new release
songs he could sing to.
“oh yes, we have a new hostess today; she’s one of a kind the guys dropped her
off this morning, I’ll take your designated room.”
he followed Mrs Park to his room, and she settled him in.

“I’ll be right back” she said as she walked off again. Hanzo always went here to
relieve himself of his stressful life. singing was one of his favourite hobbies
and this Karaoke Bar was his old time hang out or time out spot he would go
to be alone.
this time Mrs Park came back with 2 guys dressed as body guards, one
carrying a sack over his shoulder. the guy delicately put the sack on the lounge
next toHanzo and untied it.
“meet our new Hostess, Candy” she said as the sack slid down, a beautiful face

“you People are sick!” she cried, with tears running down her face from
Trauma “My name is Not CANDY!”
“now now young lady, don’t you talk to me like that, I’m Mrs Park your new
Boss. you will be working at this Karaoke Bar from now on, and Your name
will be Candy you will start a new life here”

“so nice to see you Sudae” he said “i didn’t know you worked here” he smiled
charismatically “you know Sudae, you look very nice if you smile for me, don’t
cry” he said flirting with her, Sudae fell silent as she knew she was dealing
with another power.

“now get into this suit for me, we will get you started right away”
after what took more than an hour, Mrs park finally made Sudae wear her
“Happy hour at the Park Co. Karaoke , its 5$ an hour” sang Sudae, wearing
bunny suit and a big sign with the big words HAPPY HOUR written across it,
people walked by and noticed her, some even went into the building.
“she’s bringing profit to us” exclaimed Mrs Park, we are advertising with her
face and its working!! oh think of all that money she’ll be getting us" Mrs park
an unmarried woman of about 30 sat at the counter of the table counting her
money asHanzo leaned against the front door watching Sudae hand out flyer’s
and singing.

“how come she’s here anyway” he asked interrupting Mr’s Park. “her step
father sold her to us, she’s quite useful isn’t she” she said going back to her
counting unaware of the moral and ethical consequences of her actions
because she was a big time gangster. “she will be useful to us with our
prospering business”.

“you’re one pretty lady, whats your name sweetie” a man had passed and
noticed Sudae in her outfit.

“i am Sue- i meant Candy, nice to meet you” she stuttered looking at Mrs Park
who was watching her . “will you be joining me at the Karaoke bar tonight, my
manager told me to sing with some clients but i can make more

Hanzo walked over to Sudae to help her hand out the flyer’s and to stand next
to her and feel important.

“sorry man” he said to the stranger “she’s mine and no more reservations!”
“you’re crazy” said the man and he walked off

“I know everything deep down in your heart, when girls say one thing they
mean the opposite” he winked at her this time very charismatically but she
was immune to his charms.

“Moron” she said with indifference, Hanzo slid closer and held onto her hands
frightening her a little;

“aww I do too honey and with all my heart” he said as if she had meant the

Mrs Park had made a lot of money today and she said that she was proud to
have Sudae as an asset and that she could have the night off which was the
most busiest,

that night Sudae sat in a hot bath immersed with bubbles and salts, she
relaxed. she had her own private bathroom Mrs Park had given her the finest.
she submerged herself in the deep water covering her head and sat like that
holding her breath underwater, like how she would every time she had a bath,
it took her mind off things and made her feel safe as if she was sitting in an
underworld floating in a bubble of water, she sat there for 10 minutes listening
the the emptiness of the water in her ears like the sound of the ocean and she
started to reminiscent;

“hey!” Sudae cried happily as her voice trailed off into the distance and the
sound of the ocean roaring in her ears, she loved the smell of the ocean and
the salts in the water.
he stood by the shore and watched her wade in a deep pool and her long hair
that covered her backside.
once she got out of the water, she ran over to him smiling and laying down
on the sand beside him, the night was humid as it was a summer’s night. He
had told Sudae to meet him at this very place because he had something he
wanted to tell her.
“why did you want to see me tonight?” she inquired as she starred up at the
tall Minje in the dark.
“Sudae… you know you’re my best friend and only friend…” he trailed off, he
wanted to pour it out to her but one thing stopped him, what if she didn’t feel
the same way?
Minje hesitated and then he said it, devouring his last pride.
“I’ve been in love with you Sudae for a very long time, I love you” he looked
away ashamed of his intimate attachment to her and the fear of rejection.
“oh…Minje” she whispered, astonished.
Sudae turned away and tears quickly formed in her eyes but she hid them. “i
have to go” she said as she hurried off running in the opposite direction as
her tears fell against her soft delicate cheeks, all this time this feeling she had
for him had been requited she felt at peace in her heart. “I cant answer him
now” she thought to herself, “all this overwhelming feeling is causing me to
cry, i cant let him see my cry”
As stubborn as she was, she ran away leaving a misunderstood bitter Minje
standing alone amongst the grainy sand. Minje watched after her hurt and
heartbroken, why did she run away? is there something wrong? why didn’t
she answer me? all the unanswered questions ran through his frustrated
He sank down onto the sand in misery.
“Kim Sudae, one day I’m going to get you”

Minje awoke in his bed, sweating and breathing heavily. he had that dream
again and it brought back nostalgic memories that he wanted to turn back to,
if only he understood then he would not be where he was now.

Throughout life, there are lot of people who can make you happy, but only
one that can make you lose your breath… T.H.E E.N.D"

Dongsun sighed blissfully as he typed those last words on the computer
screen, ending the fan fiction that he had worked on for half a year. He had
hoped to become one of the world’s best known sentimental novelist one day
and show how even he, a self conscious geek, could also love. He grinned and
raised his hand to wipe away the invading drool now leaking from his mouth.

“Now to post it up on Soompi,” click, click, click. Dongsun stretched back and
flattened onto his chair and yawned; inspecting his wrist watch he noticed it
was half past twelve. “I wonder what my princess is doing now?” he muttered -
already he was beginning to miss her. It had been two weeks since the bag
snatching incident but despite so Dongsun could not muster up the courage to
find her again. Scrolling absentmindedly through the list of threads and posts
to check if there was any comments left for him, he suddenly heard a low,
subtle vibrating.

The wheels of his chair gave a unearthly snapping noise as
Dongsun reeled backwards involuntarily to see what it was, falling off his chair
in surprise. Grunting he lifted himself off the carpet and opened his draw
which housedSudae’s belongings and found that a cell phone was ringing.

Such a lovely ringtone!~
Dongsun reluctantly picked up.
“Ahem, Hello?” he said, nervously clearing his throat, and instantly regretted
“This is the Korean police department, this mobile phone has been reported
stolen along with other personal possessions, we would like you to come down
to the police station now”
Dongsun stood there shocked and horrified.
“Please don’t put me in Jail, it was an accident i swear, I live with an aging
mother. Think of how she will feel if you lock me up, I have to look after her.
Who will look after her if I’m gone,” he begged, too oblivious to notice how
stupid he sounded, and sweat began to form around his temples, not to
mention his knees were shaking like a tree through the assault of a hurricane.
“Alright sir, the Police have given you a chance. You will have to return the
mobile and the other belongings to the victim by tomorrow morning at 8pm
outside where you had initially met them and we will not charge you or put
this on your record, good day to you”

Dongsun heard the receiver of the other phone hang up and he wiped the
sweat away. What the HECK was I thinking…
“I didn’t know the Police could arrange meetings with the Victim”
Sudae hanged up the phone receiver and smiled cheekily to herself. what an
utter IDIOT. I’m not even a good impersonator.
“Who were you on the phone with?” asked Hanzo, who walked in just as the
conversation ended.
“Do you ever knock? This is my own personal room,” she sneered, feeling
slightly annoyed.
Hanzo continued to ignore her and made himself comfortable walking around
the room, then nestling himself next to her in a most random fashion.
“This isn’t a bad place you know, Mrs Park gave you the best room.” Sudae,
despite thinking quite the contrary, preferred to keep to herself just in case
Hanzo took it as an opportunity to converse with her.
“I’m going to get ready to sleep now, its late,” called Sudae, hoping Hanzo
would take the hint and leave. Hanzo got up and nodded.

“I know I know, you need your beauty sleep. All that hard work contributes to
premature aging and gives you wrinkles right?” he joked, “I’ll see you at school
tomorrow ma’am, good night my sleeping beauty.” He left, closing the door
behind him so gently she would not have noticed him leave if he hadn’t
indicated so. Lately, since Sudae had been working at the Karaoke Bar, Hanzo
came now and then, she never saw him sing; mostly making conversations
with pretty girls who came in with their friends and going out of his way to
stick around to annoy her. Everybody knew Sudae was living upstairs of the
Karaoke bar with Mrs Park and her two body guards. They sent her letters,
which she never read, and chocolates, which she would offer to other people
and some days she would get hate letters from her admirers’ girlfriends
insisting she “go die rather than stealing their men.” Sudae could only laugh it
off carelessly and think how sad these people were. Writing those pathetic
letters and expecting me to read them all? Seriously.

Sudae gazed out of her window; it was a habit of wanting the cool breeze to
wander in innocently, cleansing the musky room, “Even if I’m sad today, I can
only hope tomorrow’s a new day,” she whispered to herself, closing out the
cruel world again, entering the haven of dreaming.
“Good morning Yumi, is that a new hair perm? You look wonderful”
Yumi walked through the corridor of the school, passing by classmates and
smiling halfheartedly to their greetings. She clutched her freshly made packed
lunch for Minje in both hands and hugged it to her heart hoping that he would
enjoy her cooking as much as she loved preparing it for him. Her smile faded
to oblivion when she saw Sudae pass her with a melancholy face. How
annoying! Sudae adverted her eyes to the floor, her senses acute and breathing
noticeable. She held onto her books in full consciousness, resisting a glare at
Yumi. With a hard swipe, a leg came out from beneath, tripping Sudae and
causing her books to crash onto the floor.

“You’re in my way,” said Yumi coldly. Sudae feigned a look at Yumi and kept
herself composed, gathered her scattered books off the floor.
“I’m sorry,” she said, “I didn’t see your fat leg.”

“Give that girl a break will you?” said Dongsun with a brief air of authority,
who watched from behind Yumi, “Why are you always bullying people? Don’t
you have better things to do? You should go to class.”

“Yes Captain, and by the way are you coming over tonight with your mother
for my birthday party tonight?”
“I think so,” replied Dongsun to his cousin.
Sudae stared out the window the whole day during school, only two months left now and high school will be forever over. The thought lingered inside her
mind, I’m going to leave this place and move on. During Lunchtime Sudae sat
on her desk listening to Mina, a classmate who sat in front of her, gossiping
about the latest Soompi fan fiction to another girl, apparently very amazing.

“It was so good” said a dreamy Mina, “I read it when i feel depressed and it
takes the sadness away. Makes me kind of hopeful too!”
Sudae, enamoured by this statement, felt a curiosity tug on her. I should check
it out sometime, maybe it can help me with this feeling of senselessness. She
mentally noted down the website and the name of the fan fiction.

Dongsun loitered in the school library pretending to do research while he
checked for comments to his fan fiction on the library computer, pleased at
the amazing feedback. He found himself sitting upright in a stiff posture when
he saw Sudae entering the library, his feet constantly twitched as if caterpillars
crawled all over, and as she took a seat next to him she logged onto the
computer. Scared that she would look besides her Dongsun deliberately
kicked the off button and grabbed his belongings, hurrying away to the class
room. He found Minje’s body slam against his own.

“Where you going so fast Captain?” asked Minje as he swirved his head to
keep up with Dongsun who almost ran out ignoring him. Minje was returning
some textbooks he had borrowed for studying. When he spotted Sudae he
approached her with the usual calmness.

“Hey, what are you doing?” he asked. Sudae broke away from the computer
screen and a smiled crossed her face as she met his.

“Nothing, I just heard someone say that some fan fiction was really good and I
wanted to read for myself. You know, to see it first hand”

“Its easier if you just print it out and read it at home rather than staying here
all day and reading it off the screen” he laughed, relieved at the casual

“Thanks for the advice…” Sudae said as paper came noisily out of the printer.

Minje watched Sudae and pondered. Such a fascinating creature. How cute, I
didn’t think she’d be the type to get into fan fiction. Surprise surprise, Minje?
“I hear from Hanzo you’re working at a Karaoke bar, hows that going?” he
“It’s ok”
“Is the boss nice to you?”
“uh hmm,” answered Sudae, taking her prints and stapling them together.
“s’okay i guess”

After school Sudae strolled out of the gates with great anticipation. She had a
day off tonight and thought she would spend it reading this new fan fiction as
she still hadn’t had the opportunity up to that time. Much to her dismay, an
unwanted voice broke the serenity of the atmosphere.

“Hello Miss Kim,” said Hanzo who was waiting for her infront of the school

“Good afternoon” she said without as much as a glance.
“Do you want a lift home?”

“No, I’m not going home just yet, there’s something I need to do "
“Then do you need a lift?”

Sudae paused for a moment, contemplating. “Erm, Ok”

She sat inside Hanzo’s white sports car as he reved up the engine and drove
off. She glimpsed Minje and Yumi walking together, and met his eyes gazing
back as he watched her through the fleeting image of Hanzo speeding off into
the distance.

“Drop me off here,” said Sudae to Hanzo indicating him to stop right infront of
a park. Hanzo surprised stopped the car and let her off.

“Shall i wait for you here?” he asked watching Sudae get out of the car
“Yeah if you want” she muttered, closing the door.

Dongsun sat on the park bench waiting for Sudae. He had ran to the park right
after school, too afraid to think what would happen if he were late. His heart
suddenly stopped when he saw Sudae approach him. A face so beautiful and
angelic, transformed into a devil’s glare upon realisation that the thief was
right there.

“Hey you! You’re lucky I didn’t call the cops.” she said
“Please don’t hurt me, it was an accident, heres your stuff, I didnt take
anything!” Dongsun begged as he handed her her belongings. Sudae snatched
them away from him viciously and punched him square in the glasses,
imprinting a frame upon his face.

“Take that you low life, see if you ever steal from me again!” Sudae yelled

“Sudae! what ARE you doing to the school captain?” yelled out Hanzo as he
ran to the scene in confusion.

“Its okay i’m fine,” replied Dongsun who literally had stars flying around his
head, and his cheek bruised and his nose bleeding.
“School Captain?! What are you saying this thief goes to our school?”
“Thief? Who says Dongsun is a thief, he’s always looking out for his fellow
pupils, I think this is a misunderstanding…” said Hanzo, helping Dongsun up
to his feet.

“I didn’t steal your bag Sudae, that day i saw you wandering alone on the
streets you looked like you were really sad and I had intended to ask if you
were okay” said Dongsun.

Sudae stood speechless and a tad guilty,
“Oh… I’m so sorry School Captain,” she said in a remorseful tone and gave
him a respectful bow.

“Now you have your stuff back, so everything is cleared. I’ll take you home
Dongsun,” said Hanzo as he made his way to the car again. It was a silent ride
home, with Sudae sitting at the back holding the bag that Dongsun had given
back close to her without moving an inch. After Hanzo had dropped Dongsun
home, he broke the silence and started .

“Wow Sudae, I never knew you could punch someone like that” he joked,
“pretty impressive.” Sudae half nodded to show her appreciation to the
compliment, but there was something else on her mind. When they arrived in
front of the Kareoke Bar, Sudae slipped out of the car quietly.

“Hey Sudae, what are you doing tonight?” it came once again.
“I’m busy working.” she lied, but Hanzo was not to be deceived so easily, “I
know you have a night off, anyway lets go somewhere fun to celebrate that you
got your stuff back”

“No thanks, I will be busy with something else tonight” Celebrate what? My
god the things they come up with…
“Good, I’ll get you at 8pm.” He speed off without letting Sudae utter another
word. What persistence. But she knew that his company wasn’t so bad.

Sudae opened the doors of the Kareoke bar to be greeted by some customers,
and walked over to where Mrs Parks was sitting, counting her money as usual.
“How much does my step father owe you?” she asked Mrs Parks then busied
herself with figures into a calculating before replying

“Since you came here and worked off the debt and collected extra for me,
theres $50 left to be repaid”

“Here,” said Sudae passing her the note from the bag she had taken back from
Dongsun, “I no longer owe you any money, am I free to go?”

Mrs Park looked at Sudae surprised, “I thought you liked it here, I even
considered you my own daughter but if you’re unhappy here then sure, you
are free to go. It was nice having you around, we’ll keep in contact alright?”

Sudae nodded, and climbed the stairs to her room to pack her things. She
would leave early tomorrow.

“Well at least this has been taken care of,” she sighed to herself.
Somebody knocked on the door, and upon opening it there was a woman
holding some boxes.

“Hi there, you must be Sudae. I’m Lucy and your stylist, Hanzo sent me here
to get you fixed up for your date.” Bewildered, Sudae let her in.

“Am I going somewhere special? I don’t need a stylist do I?” asked a confused

“You’re going to a special Ball, its a Masquerade!” squealed Lucy, “how
exciting.” she gently guided Sudae onto the bed and began rolling her hair up
in hot rollers and then applied light make up onto her face. This dragged on
for a couple of hours, but Sudae didn’t resist, still quite stunned by the
revelation. a Masquerade… By the time they were done with hair and make up
it was time to put on a dress and pick a mask. Sudae chose a lavender
couloured dress, lavender being her favourite colour. It was strapless and
hugged her figure in perfect fit. She picked a mask that was white, simplistic
and covered half her face, only showing her lips and chin. Her long curled hair
sat neatly against her shoulders and back; Sudae looked into the mirror and
saw somebody else. She was unrecogniseable.

At eight, Hanzo came to pick her up. Sudae looked so beautiful tonight he
couldnt stop admiring her and was quite proud of himself, having found her as
his partner for the ball. She looks so beautiful tonight…

Sudae sat herself down on the passenger side of Hanzo’s car, the white mask
held humbly in her hands, cradled upon her lap.

“You didn’t tell me we were going to be this formal,” she said questioningly to
Hanzo, “are we really going to a masquerade?” He gave an absentminded nod
at her, far more interested in checking himself out in the mirror and winking
to himself. Pathetic, He’s in love with himself. Sudae glanced out of the
window into the evening streets, pondering over the lack of people out on a
Friday night. She rested her head on her left arm as they drove in silence, all
the time peering beyond the scope of night. Sudae didn’t know where they
were going but dared not risk a question, as it would be an opportune moment
of conversation for Hanzo. Forget it.

When they arrived at the venue, Sudae was met with a bitter sweet sensation.
The Grand Hotel, this place again? She masked her face to avoid bumping into
anybody she knew. Judging by the scale of this event, she was bound to be
recognised – her only escape was anonymity..
“Hey Hanzo, glad you could make it!” Minje called out as he approached them
from a distance with Yumi who both eyed Sudae in puzzlement, unable to
recognise her.

“Hanzo Oppa, you made it to my birthday,” cheered Yumi, who was wearing a
baby Pink velvet dress that swept across the floor in elegance.
“Happy 18th birthday Yumi,” replied Hanzo blissfully, pulling out a small
present from his pocket and handing it to Yumi. Sudae peered over his
shoulders to notice the box was a Gucci. these kids are rich, I’ll never get my
hands on one of those in my entire lifetime. A spot of envy nudged at her from
within as she glued her vision to Yumi and the box. Its probably a beautiful
watch inside. Sudae stood there blankly as she didn’t have a present for Yumi,
nor had she known it was a birthday party in the first place. how grand.
Having a birthday party at the most prestigious hotels and everybody wearing
evening gowns.

“Hey Sudae, I’ll be right back, I gotta answer my phone” Hanzo held onto his
ringing cell phone as he walked outside for privacy to talk, leaving Sudae
standing alone on her own again.

The music began to play and people began dancing slowly with their dates;
Dongsun was doing a little dance of his own as he fought through the crowd in
twists and turns, finally scoring himself a lonely table to assume a passive role.
He could only stare out into the dazzling environment where everybody was
enjoying themselves. Sigh, look at how everybody is behaving, boys flirting
with girls and girls dancing with boys. He scanned his eyes through the crowd
to see if he knew anybody there. All these people he never met in his life,
though he did suspect there were some amongst the masked population. A
figure standing alone in the corner in a white mask caught his attention. She
wore a lavender dress which hugged and caressed a perfect form; suddenly
there was an aura radiating in spontaneous patterns of madness. His heart
started to beat really fast, thrashing against his ribcage, and he knew straight
away – it was Sudae. With uncontrolled compulsion, he could feel his body
starting to tremble for her flawless beauty. Dongsun you Loser, control
yourself! he cursed.

“Miss you look Wonderful tonight, it’s a shame that you’re not with anybody,
would you care to share this dance?”
Sudae turned around and gazed up at a mysterious stranger who’s face was
covered by a mask, he was tall and slightly built wearing a handsome tuxedo
standing before her

“Um… sure, i guess so” she said reluctantly. He then stretched out his hands in
welcome and she took it with caution as he led her to the dance floor, crowded
by a throng of fervent dancers. His strong arms curled firmly by her waist in a
most gentle manner and sent shivers down her spine. As she rested her arm
against his broad shoulders they started to take the first steps to the rhythm of
the music, the smell of his cologne intoxicated her into a state of lost pleasure
within his slight embrace. It felt right and way too real, but she could not place
her min

Falling For A Rose; A Love story From Seoul.


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