Thank you C Hummel, my dear friend!

Thank you CJ for purchasing my card “Seashells by the Seashore”. It was such a thrill to get the message that I had sold a card! You and your photography inspire me, and I so appreciate your support and friendship! I wish you the best in 2009, let’s set our goals together:-)

Thank U Cherish and Metallic Junktion!

I’ve been away from RB for a few days and just noticed that my “Dove Creek, CO Cars” was featured in Metallic Junktion:-) Thanks Cherish, you really made my day, and thanks to everyone in this group, I’m learning so much from your fabulous work!! Happy New Year everyone!

What a Thrill!

Thanks to the hosts of All That Is Nature Group for featuring my Seashells By the Seashore image. It was quite a surprise to get home this evening and find the feature.
You are so appreciated, and I’m intensely jealous of all the fantastic images in this group and the artists talents!!

I'm So Excited, Welcome to Utah just featured my image!!

A sincere thank you to the hosts and moderators of Welcome to Utah for featuring “Valiant Hearts” today. This image a special piece to me because in encompasses the beautiful faces of my great-great-grandmother, my great-grandmother, grandmother, mother, me, and my beautiful daughter Alissa. This matrilineal line is aptly named “Valiant Hearts” because each women depicted has shown bravery, conviction, hard work, intelligence, and purity of heart in the face of historical uproar thruought the past. I honor them, and I sincerely thank Welcom to Utah for doing the same! Jan Snow


Hi all you RedBubblers, I’m reducing my prices on all items to just 7% through December 7! I hope this will be helpful to anyone wishing to purchase any of my items for Christmas. Thanks to you all and have a Merry Christmas!!

Thank you so much to Bits & Pieces group!

My photo “Tug O War” was featured in Bits and Pieces group" today! the last two days have been pretty rugged for me after my chemotherapy treatment, but I came upstairs to check out RB and found I had a feature! This is a wonderful surprise and a great way to get feeling feeling on top of the world again! I truly appreciate all the hosts and of course everyone in the group, U Gr8! Thank You!

Big sale on jansnow's images now through the end of October!

Okay, I like purephotography’s idea, so stop by and pick up some great cards and items while the price is low!! – Thanks

Redbubble announced their shipment of our 100,000 of our masterpieces and their free shipping program today. From now till 30th Oct, all of OUR products will receive free shipping. To celebrate this event and the brand new function on our “My Bubble” – the Bulk Edit function, I’ve decided to drop all my Markups of all products from 40% or more to a mere 9.8%

Thank you SUNFLOWERS Group!!

I just saw that my “Sunflower Showers” was featured in your wonderful group! Thank you for the big surprise!! This is my first feature in this group, and you have made my day:-) A sincere thanks for Gina for choosing this image!!

WOW I'm certainly slow!!!

YOU HAVE TOTALLY BLOWN ME AWAY!! I was looking on the home page just now at all the work there under all the different genres and JUST noticed that “Me and Dolly Marie” was on the home page under writing! I was so new at RB when I uploaded the Dolly story, it didn’t even register that it was featured on the home page:-) Thanks so much for the feature! DUH! Sorry to be such a “space cadet”!!

Another True Story by Jan Snow

Hi all you RedBubblers! Many of you had a chance to read my true story “Me and Dolly Marie” about the baby squirrel I rescued and raised. I have now begun my next true story “The Case of the Stolen Heart”. This is my journal of the rescue of Ranger and Bandit, my two little raccoon charges:) I will be uploading the story in segments as I write it, so click on “The Case of the Stolen Heart” and enjoy the journey right along with me! See you there!


Featured in Rusty, Crusty and Falling to Bits

What a pleasant surprise to find my photo “Unlock Your History” featured in Rusty, Crusty and Falling to Bits!! Thank you so much Rosalie for your support! This is such a wonderful group with such diverse talent, everyone should join with us and enjoy the ride!!

FEATURED BY ME...........tjsnow

TJ Snow is a prolific writer of prose, I know personally of over 1,200+ pieces he has written! Please check him out, and if you have any suggestions for him I’m certain he will be ready and willing to learn. Oh yeah, he’s my “Baby Boy” which makes him even more special than just a prolific writer:-} Visit his site and lend him your support!! Thanks all you great RedBubblers, this is a wonderfully supportive group, I love U all!!


Home Page - What A Thrill!

What a thrill to find my photo “Banners” is on the Home Page. Thanks to RedBubble, you made my day, in fact my week, month and year!!:-) If siamkatze hadn’t sent me a BubbleMail, I might not have found out until this evening. I am enjoying RedBubble so much, it has become one of the very pleasant parts of my day. This is such a wonderful group of artists, I am in awe of everyones work, from photos to writing to Tees and of course to creative design. It’s a true joy t o be part of this work. Thanks RB!!

Play Time was featured!

A great big thank you to Bits and Pieces hosts for featuring “Play Time”. These two little raccoons have pretty well taken over my life! It is such a great feeling to have a feature and I so appreciate this one! The photos in this group are so varied and so amazing, there are so many talented individuals in Bits & Pieces.

Oh Boy! Thank you Sally and Amber!

Thank you Light In the Darkness Group for featuring my oil painting “Sunlight Through The Window”. You made my day! I’m looking forward to learning much from everyone in this group, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Thanks again Sally and Amber!

Thank you to Domestic Art - Home is Where the Art Is.

A big thank you to the hosts of domestic Art – Home is Where the art Is, for featuring “Too Many Choices” This is such a pleasant surprise! I love, love, love books, so this one was a real joy to set up. This is such a wonderful group, and I enjoy everyone’s images so much, and learn so much from each of you. Thank you again!

Ranger and Bandit say Thank You"...

“Thank you Bits and Pieces hosts for featuring me and Bandit”! We are so happy to be part of RedBubble, and plan on sending you our story and a few photos from time to time. Our surrogate mom, Jan Snow, thanks you too (she’s off celebrating with a cold Diet Pepsi right now)! We’ll be seeing you soon, bye…

A feature, a feature, I have a feature!

Thank you so much to Mark Chapman and millicentkitty for featuring “Introducing Ranger and Bandit” in Rescued Pets. I’m so pleased to have this photo featured in this wonderful group. These two little raccoons have already stolen my heart away! I’m so pleased to be a member of this bighearted, animal-loving group, it makes me happy just to see everyone’s sweet pictures. Thank you again and again!!

Ground Zero - Remembering 9/11

WOW, thanks to the hosts of Bits & Pieces for featuring my writing on Ground Zero – Remembering 9/11. That was such a dreadful day, and my being able to put feelings down on paper helped me purge some negative emotions from my heart. Not only do I come from a military family, have been a government employee, and married to a Fire Department Battalion Chief, but my heart goes out to all those individuals still suffering from the injuries and losses they are dealing with day-to-day. It is my hope and prayer that our world can overcome this memory of destruction and human degradation by searching for peaceful ways to coexist and learn to appreciate every individual on earth.

Thanks again Bits & Pieces!

Four Features in Welcome To Utah

It was such a surprise today to find I had four… 4… IV… features in Welcome to Utah! Thanks to Karen and Jess for making this such a special day.. This is a record for me, and I truly appreciate the honor. Let’s keep our Utah group soaring with great images, we have such a scenic and interesting state, everyone on RB should visit Utah!:):)

“Other Side of the Sun”
“Spring in the Country”
“Roadside Beauty”
“Gaillardia – Arizona Sun”

Thank you Bits & Pieces for the feature:)

Thank you so much for featuring “Seasons Come and Seasons Go” in your group Bits & Pieces. It’s a real thrill to know one’s work is viewed and appreciated. This is a wonderful group of photographers, artists and writers, everyone keep up the great work!

Sunflowers Group features

Thank you Gina Signore for featuring “I’ll Sing in the Sunshine” today in Sunflowers Group! There are so many wonderful captures in this group, it surprises me that mine was among the ones you chose. I’m thrilled and you made my day!

Out of the Past just featured "Flapper Days"

Sincere thanks to Alexia, Denise and Jerame for featuring my photo “Flapper Days” in the Out of the Past Group! This group is fascinating to me because I do a lot of genealogy and family history research of my ancestry. Thanks again for this honor, and thanks to all the members who send in such interesting uploads:)

Rural America just featured "Autumn In The Country"

A great big THANK YOU goes out to the hosts of Rural America Group for featuring my photo “Autumn In The Country”. This is my first feature with “Rural”, and I am so pleased. So many of your comments have been such an uplifting experience for me! This is a wonderful group, and we have tons o’ talent here! Thank you again:)

WOW 491 views on "Me and Dolly Marie"

Thank you everyone for checking out my story “Me and Dolly Marie”! I just looked at the count on views for this story, it was at 491. I am truly amazed and humbled. Thank you so very, very much for checking out “Dolly”. It was my first attempt at writing a story:) The response was so positive that I’ve decided to work on volume 2 “The Dolly Mama”. I will complete it by Spring of 2009. I appreciate all of you so much! Joining RedBubble and getting to know so many wonderful and creative individuals has been probably the most enjoyable experiences I have had. Thanks again!

Question for RB's:

Can anyone tell me why there are so many photos that don’t open up when i click on them for viewing? I can’t stand missing any of these wonderful creations!!

Thank you Bits and Pieces for the 3 features:)

WOW, three features in Bits and Pieces! I’m thrilled to bits and pieces:) Thanks to Sally Omar, you are such a supportive host, and I really appreciate all your very sweet comments. Bits and Pieces, you have made my day!!

The visitor – Photo
Happiness – Photo with quote
Quest – Writing

Jan Snow just joined the Writers Market Group

Hi everyone at Writer’s Market, I just joined your group today and have uploaded a few pieces I’ve written. I am enjoying tremendously the talent shown on this site, and feel somewhat the “novice” being here. I would like to get feedback from anyone willing to disperse suggestions to me. I’m looking forward to reading more uploads. Thanks – jansnow

"Kickers 4" Was Featured in Shoes!

Thank you BillyLee for featuring my “Kickers 4” in shoes. This group has exceptional talent and who would have known that a worn and dusty cowboy boot would make it to a feature! I’m humbled, surprised and thrilled:-)

Two Features at the same time on Bits and Pieces! YAAAAY

Thank you Sally for featuring two of my photos! I was thrilled to hear about it:)

-Salem Home – color version
-Excelsior Hotel

This is my first time to have two features on one site! What an honor and a privilege to be a member of the Bits and Pieces group! Everyone on this site deserves kudos for their talented work!

Introducing another new Bubbler!!!

Michelle BarlondSmith is a very talented photographer, I’m sure she would love to hear from other members. Let’s get her started on the RB journey with a BANG, and I don’t mean bursting a bubble;-) I have found RB to be a wonderfully uplifting experience and would like to pass this on to our newbie!

New Bubbler - Please check her out!

A new bubbler has joined us, AndreaMarie, and her work is beautiful. She is very talented and has a special way style with her children candids I know you’ll enjoy her work!

Drop by and give her your impressions, I’m sure she would appreciate hearing from you.

"Old Barn in Mapleton, Utah", featured 4 hours ago.

Thank you for featuring my photo “Old barn in Mapleton, Utah”! It’s a thrill to know this photo is enjoyed and appreciated. I am having fun getting to know many of you in the RB community and I’m learning so much from you. The Dilapidated Buildings group is doing a great job, the photos I see there are showing us that there still is beauty to behold, even in the old and dilapidated!

Me and Dolly Marie

Thank you for featuring my on-going story “Me and Dolly Marie”! It is an honor to be a part of this group, and I hope everyone enjoys each segment as it is uploaded to RB. Thank you again Anne for all your assistance.

New short story written by Jan Snow Featured in Art & Stories Made for Children

Hi everyone, I am just beginning to upload my true story about “Me and Dolly Marie”. It is long enough and has enough photos that I will be posting it over the course of several “continuations”. I hope you read each segment and enjoy it as much as I did raising Dolly Marie and writing her story.

I would love to hear feedback from all of you, as this is my very first venture in writing a story. I really look forward to your comments:)

Thanks – Jan Snow

Constructive help

Hi everyone, I’ve been her a couple of weeks now and have been enjoying RB tremendously! Everyone on this site is so talented, I feel a bit intimidated. I truly would like to receive some constructive comments on any of my photos so i can improve. I would love to hear from you.

Thanks – Jan

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