very quiet

Well im writing to ask you all if you too are experiencing a very quiet time here on this site. My activity feed is almost asleep!!! It seems the site has dropped right off the radar. Correct me if im wrong but lve been on here for years now and nothing seems to be happening on here anymore. Is anyone else noticing this or is it just my imagination?
I would appreciate your thoughts.
Thanks so much
Janine x

Dont Understand!!!

Hi all, can someone please help me? I have been trying to upload photos for over 3
months or so now and everytime l get to the upload page and find my photos, l get told the file is not Jpeg etc so it wont upload. I alway take photos in jpeg, have never changed that. What can l do? Redbubble are no help?

Hi From The USA

Hello to all my wonderful friends on here. Just wanted to let you all know that I am having a wonderful time touring through California, Nevada, and Northern Arizona. I have been to the Grand Canyon, and Canyon De Chelley, and everywhere inbetween. What an awesome country this is, and I have only touched the surface. I have spent 3 weeks here and will back back home on the 20th June in South Australia after having endured a 16.5 hour flight. But it was all worth it. I will be back on board very soon. Hope all is well with everyone.
Hugs to all,

My Big Trip!

Hello to all my friends. Just wanted to let you all know that on the 25th May, in 2 days time from now, as I write this I am off overseas for a wonderful trip to the USA until the 18th June. I am so excited and have been planning this trip for awhile now. I am staying with wonderful friends in California and I will be touring the Grand Canyon, Los Vegas and surrounding areas. I am a nervous flyer, but am determined to endure the long journey from South Australia to Los Angeles and return. So, if I am alittle inactive around here for the time being, please forgive me!
I hope to capture the beauty of California and bring home some amazing images that I will upload onto here in time.
Take care everyone. See you all on the flip side!
Love and hugs,

I'm Back!!!!!!

OMG! After being blocked out of this site for nearly a year now I finally am able to log back on and enjoy this site once more! How wonderful. I was blocked from logging on through a Bogan Filter that was somehow blocking me through my internet provider and Redbubble. I never thought I would ever be able to get back on here, but thank goodness someone fixed the problem and now I am back on with a huge smile! Its nice to be home again! Hugs to you all, and I have missed communicating with you.
Janine. XXX


Hello to all who my friends, to all my co-hosts, to people who follow me on RB. It has been a very long and frustrating 6 months for me. Redbubble is just not co-operating with my requests. I have been totally inactive on this site due to RB telling me there is a Bogon filter in place on their site which is not allowing me to log on. The only way I can log on is either through my smart phone, which is inconvenient uo me and on the computer l have to use a node unblocker. Once logged in through that method, the pages are scrambled and l am extremely limited on what l can do. I cant comment on photos. I can only look. 6 months of arguing with RB has got me no where. I am upset, frustrated and at a loss now as what to do. RB keep putting me off, constantly saying it will be fixed. …

Slow As!

Hi everyone…is it just me or has this redbubble site gone quiet? I have noticed a huge silence in the activity feed on my site here since redbubble changed its format to this new one recently. Many people I know have taken a permanent holiday as this new design has proven to be unpopular for some!!! Are you all experiencing the same thing?
I’m just curious!

I'm Back!

To everyone who has given me strength, support and encouragement, I thank you from my heart. This is to let everyone know that I am in contact with here, that I am back on redbubble fulltime now as from today. I am feeling much better now that my father’s funeral is over, and I need therapy, and this is the site I get that from hosting groups with my friends, and just having fun!
Thanks to you all,
I will always remember your kindness.

Janine xxxxxxxxxxx


Dear friends, I am living a nightmare at this time in my life. I have some very horrific news to tell you and I am so distraught. Early hours of this morning, at around 4.00am, my brother had police officers knock on his front door and told him that my father had been found in park near his home shot dead in his head. I cannot believe it. I received the phone call straight after and it has been revealed that my loving dear father who I cherished had taken his own life! I am so upset, I cant think straight and Mike and I and the family are in total shock and I just cannot function at this time. My loving father had obviously planned this for awhile as I know he was missing my mum immenseley and I just knew that something was wrong with his sadness lately and missing mum as it was her 6th a…

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