Beware the Coven (Chapter Ten)

It was a Beautiful Sunday morning in spring; Edna was walking out to her car after church when she heard the familiar voice of the town gossip, Helene calling out her name. “Oh Edna, hey wait up….I got something to tell you.” Edna knew that whatever she had to say was probably someone else’s business, but she didn’t want to be rude so she stopped and turned around to Helene and smiled.

“I just thought you might like to know that Nell and I were coming out of the bank a few days ago and saw your daughter in law going into the magic store across the street dressed like a witch.”

“Really Helene? Well, I don’t know what Tara is doing these days, her and Derrick are no longer together and he the kids live with me for now. So I’m not really interested in her whereabouts. Excuse me, I have a lot to do today.” Edna rushed off towards her car and didn’t look back.

The conversation did raise a few questions in Edna’s mind though. She decided to drive over to the magic shop on her way home and see if they might have any additional information on Tarra’s new lifestyle, Derrick might just need it for court. She hated going into this type of business especially on the Sabbath, but she felt it was necessary. She opened the front door and the little bells jingled. She stood there alone for a long time looking around at all of the tools of the trade related to black magic. There were wands and candles and crystals. She saw capes and cards and books. All of this sent a fear throughout her body, she felt like as if she were standing in the foyer of the devil.

Suddenly a small old woman appeared from the back. She spoke from behind a counter while barely visible.

“What do you come here seeking?”

Edna walked quietly closer to the woman and in a state of shock she said “Francis……is that you? Oh my dear lord, it is you.” Edna smiled and put out her arms but quickly withdrew them when she was met with the cold back eyes of a witch.

“Yes, Edna it is I, however I am not the Francis you once knew from the Devine Redeemer.”

“Well, I certainly am not the Edna you used to know either, a lot has happened in…what?….nearly fifty years. I had no idea though that you had gone to the dark side.”

“You don’t belong here Edna, please leave.”

“Oh, I know I don’t belong here, I only came in here because I’m concerned about my family. I heard that my daughter in law came in here a few days ago and I witnessed a very bazaar happening at her house the other night. I’m hoping you can shed some light on the situation.”

“I serve a different master now, Edna. I am not in the business of shedding light, anything that happens in my world you wouldn’t understand. If your daughter in law is into black magic I’m afraid even my explanations won’t satisfy you.”

“Do you remember seeing her? Tarra is tall, thin and has long black hair. I guess she’s about thirty-three. And she has an obnoxious attitude that you couldn’t forget.”

“Yes, I do remember her…she was a vile, disrespectful bitch. What has happened? What has she done?”

“I saw her standing naked in her living room with two other naked women holding hands. All of the sudden there was an explosion of sorts that came from inside the house and I was knocked right on the ground. Then she came right to the front door naked and told me to mind my own business, I could feel the evil, I know something is going on there and I fear for my grandchildren.”

“This is not good, I warned her that is was waiting for her. I had no idea it would or even could follow her back here. I knew she shouldn’t have taken that book, when she told me Rose had sent her for it I knew she was lying but the evil forces wanted her to have it and so it was. The door of the demon has been reopened….she is in grave danger; this town is in grave danger. Have you seen her today? If it hasn’t already devoured her it will and anyone in its path.”

“What? Surely this is some sort of magic fantasy. You don’t really believe this to be true, do you?”

“Edna, I was there that night of the fire so many years ago. I watched the school and the church burn…I was the reason it burned to the ground.”

“Oh my God, why would you do such a thing?” asked Edna.

“I fear that this is the very demon that murdered my parents, it has reentered our world. After my mother lost my little sister at the age of two to polio, she left the church and turned her back on God. She hated him for taking her baby so she started desperately delving into the darkness of black magic thinking she could bring her baby girl back. When she did finally open a door to the other side a demon came instead and murdered her and my father.” Francis went on to say,

“My younger sister and I found the book and read that the only way to release the demon back into its realm was to lure it to sacred ground. So we did, we lured it in the still of the night into the school and it chased us into the sanctuary thirsty for our blood. Once the hideous creature passed the threshold of the sanctuary it burst into flames and we stood there and watched as its flesh burned from its body. I can still hear the beast screaming out and the stench was unbearable. We ran to the back door of the church and just as we stepped outside an explosion went off and everything went up in flames, even all the trees surrounding the church, it was horrible, I still relive that night almost every day of my life.”

“Since the church was gone and we knew we were responsible, My sister and I decided to start a coven and learn the real ways of witchcraft to make certain things like this would not happen here again. For fifty years my sister Rose and I have headed up the coven of witches in Plymouth. My sister thinks I am too weak now and too feeble to continue on. She may have Tarra with her, I’m sure she wouldn’t have let me know that the beast was back. We must find Tarra before it’s too late, Edna.”

Derrick woke up feeling a bit guilty for forgetting about Chad last night and since it was Sunday, he decided to take him bowling. Chad wasn’t real responsive to the idea at first but then being the sweet forgiving soul that he is, decided that all was well and got his socks and shoes on. Derrick made a quick call to Tonya to see how her heist went last night, but she didn’t answer. As he and Chad got in his car they had to first clean up the ice cream bar that had melted all over the seat, then they headed off to the bowling alley. On the way Derrick swung past Tarra’s house to see if anyone was there yet. There wasn’t a car in the driveway, so there was no reason to stop.

Tarra had indeed been held up at Rose’s house. After Rose got over the initial anger at Tarra for medaling with the spell book she became terrified when she heard that the demon had eaten her daughter. Rose decided that she would not contact her sister, Francis since the news might agitate her already fragile condition but wait for instructions from the higher order of witches. They were told to stay put and not enter the house until Medeia, the Head Enchantress, arrived from Phoenix. She would be in town Sunday afternoon.

Rose and Tarra met Media at the airport and they drove immediately to Tarra’s house. As soon as they opened the door the smell of death permeated their nostrils. Her living room was covered with blood and the shredded remains of a human body. Tarra screamed so loud that puggles began barking and the neighbors came rushing over. After viewing the living room one of them immediately called the police. Media told the others to leave; she went in alone and locked herself inside. After a few moments there was a huge explosion and the whole house went up in flames. The fire department arrived in time to keep the fire from spreading to the surrounding houses, but not to save Tarra’s. Her house was burned to the ground.

© Solar Zorra -2009

Beware the Coven (Chapter Ten)

Solar Zorra

Charleston, United States

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