Beware the Coven (Chapter Three)

When Tara finally got up it was mid afternoon and she hesitated knowing that she would have to confront Becca. She lay in her bed for hours rehearsing excuses for everything. But the more she tried to make things up the angrier she became. She finally came to the conclusion that this was her life and she could do as she damn well pleased. When she mustered enough courage to open her bedroom door, she was relieved when she saw that no one was home. She started thinking about Sandra, she knew that their moment together last night was mutual but she was in need of a bit of reassurance and decided to give her a call.

She called Sandra’s cell phone several times but she didn’t answer. By about the sixth time she called a text message rang back and the words she read stung like acid in an open wound.

“Please don’t call me today; I’m with my family.”

Tara’s make believe world suddenly stopped and she was thrust off like an unwanted toy. Momentarily she began to see that she was living in a fantasy world, with witches and secret lovers, but as she walked pass her reflection in the hall mirror, she paused and began to remember how wonderful it felt to be someone new. She marveled at her reflection and how she had reinvented herself and how she felt her long black hair was enchanting. She lingered looking at how the smudged black makeup around her eyes made her look mysterious.

Reason was short lived as she once again immersed herself in her selfishness. She decided to get dressed and visit a local black magic store. She put on a long, black gauze skirt and black low cut tank top. She slipped on a pair of flip flops then kicked them off remembering that she had bought herself a pair of black leather half boots. Instead of brushing her thick, black hair she bent over and rumpled it up, as she slung it back up she felt sexy and wild as she headed out the door.

She forgot all about Chad at his grandma’s house and didn’t concern herself in the least with becca’s whereabouts. She had something on her mind and she wasn’t going to rest until she had it in her hands. Rose had told them one night of a spell book that they would be using in the future. They were told not to meddle with witchcraft outside of the coven, but Tara wasn’t living by anyone’s rules anymore and she decided to purchase that book for herself. She decided she would work on a love spell and then everything would be fine. Her fascination with Sandra was slowly becoming an obsession.

The black magic store “The Wand”, was located downtown next to Coco’s café that looked out over the park. Coco’s was a soup and sandwich shop that boasted the best lunch in town. From the moment Tara stepped out of her car people were staring at her. She thought she looked amazing and that all of them were eyeing her unique beauty. What she didn’t realize is that people were talking about her but unfortunately it was not the lovely comments she was fantasizing about.

A couple of women coming out of the bank across the street noticed her and said

“Oh my, isn’t that Tara Wood? What happened to her, she looks like such a tramp.”

“Look, she’s going in the black magic store, does she think she’s a witch now or something?”

“Well, she certainly looks like one, isn’t she kind of old to be pretending to be a witch? I hear her husband left her and she’s let the kids run amuck.”

“Must be some kind of mid life crisis. Poor Chad, he was always such a sweet boy.”

Unaware of the effects of her new image, Tarra sauntered in the shop with confidence. The little tinkling of the bell on the front door brought Madame LaBlanc out of hiding. She was an old, small, fragile looking woman that looked as if she were spit out of the pages of a Salem Witch story. Tarra felt like such a poser in her presence, this woman was a full-fledged witch. Her eyes were black and squinty and her long gray hair reminded her of an old, used brillo pad. There was nothing sexy about this witch, she was down right scary. Her looks only amused Tarra though, these days she felt invincible, after all. She was a witch too.

The old woman looked at Tarra with disgust in her eyes and immediately told her; “You are not prepared for what you are delving into. Leave now, before I have the blood of your mistakes to be accountable for.”

Tarra said sarcastically, “Excuse me…..I came in here to purchase a book, are you not in the business of selling these items?”

An ager welled up in Madam LaBlanc face, her eyes seemed to glow as she said, “You are a foolish woman, find your book and get out.”

“Listen Old Lady, I didn’t come in here to be insulted, now how much do you want for this?”

“The book you hold is not for you. Who sent you to get this?”

Tarra thought she might as well make it sound legitimate and said, “I belong to the Coven of six that is governed by Madame Rose, she sent me.”

The old woman closed her eyes, took a deep breath and flung her head back. She raised her wrinkled and disfigured hands to the ceiling and chanted something that Tarra didn’t understand.

With a deep demonic voice, she growled at Tarra, “Take the book and leave, I cannot accept payment for this travesty, but I warn you…it’s waiting for you.”

“What? What’s waiting for me? You are one cranky old Bitch, okay, fine, I’ll just take this book and be on my way, toot a fucking loo.”

Suddenly the front door flew open and as the little bell rang and rang Tarra was pushed out of the store by what seemed to be very powerful hands. The door slammed behind her. Tarra was elated; she knew the power of witches was strong and that little display just proved it. That was the power she wanted, and the secrets were in the book she held.

Since it was such a nice day, Tarra decided to go around the corner and get a little lunch at Coco’s Cafe. It was a perfect day for relaxing out on their patio, and the view of the park was lovely.
She set her book down at a white metal table that was protected from the sun by a green and light blue umbrella. There was a cool breeze wafting through the patio area as she positioned herself in the metal padded chair looking out into the park. The willow trees swayed majestically and beautiful yellow and rose-colored flowers were blooming everywhere. As the young waiter took her order for spiced tea and a tuna sandwich, he smiled at her. She just grinned back wickedly, amusing herself thinking that this boy found her attractive.

She looked down at the book and slid it closer to her. It was a big, heavy book with a dark gray cover. Only a gold half moon decorated the cover, no title or author, just a metallic looking half moon. As she opened the cover a cloud of dust whirled into her eyes, she shut them tight as they stung. When she opened them her whole world had changed. The sky was dark and menacing with black swirling clouds. The trees were dead; the ground was charred and simmered as if just recently burned. There was a foul stench in the air and suddenly she felt sick to her stomach. As she closed the book she heard the waiter set her tea down on the metal table.

“Is everything alright, mam? Your sandwich will be out in just a minute,” he said

As she looked up, everything was fine again, the grass never looked so green. “Oh, yes…everything is perfect.” She winked at him and he quickly scurried away. Tarra was a little frightened but even more excited now that she had had another mystical experience, this was intoxicating for her. She now felt that the possibilities were endless, she would be able to have and control everything and everyone she desired.

As she sipped her tea she noticed a young couple walking hand in hand in the park. She could tell from a distance the boy was dressed oddly all in black. She thought to herself that he would probably find her attractive too, since they were both seemingly from the dark side. As they walked closer, she realized that it was Becca holding this boy’s hand. She thought her eyes were once again playing tricks on her. She had never known her daughter to have a boyfriend, especially a boy like this.

© Solar Zorra -2009

Beware the Coven (Chapter Three)

Solar Zorra

Charleston, United States

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