Happy 90th Birthday, Mom!

I called my Mom this morning, she lives hundreds of miles away in an assisted living home. It’s really nice there, it’s not a nursing home, all of the residents have to be able to walk on their own and basically be able to do their own personal hygiene. My Mom was born in 1921, and so this thursday she will be 90 years old.

She is in extremely good health and good spirits. Her memory has become the issue though, she can’t remember from day to day but still remembers everything from her past. This morning she was telling me what her first day of kindergarten was like. After a while I asked her if she remembered that her 90th birthday was this thursday and she said “no…really? wow these years sure have gone by fast.” She said the only thing that she misses is being able to drive and go shopping when she wants to. I told her that it might be a problem now because as soon as she got in the car she would forget where she was going. She said “oh, yeah, that would be a problem.”

I told her I was sorry I wouldn’t be making it up north to her birthday party, (my sister and four brothers are having a party at her favorite chinese place) but during the party I asked her to imagine that I’m there, because I will be in spirit. She said, “Oh, it’s alright Janine, the next day I won’t remember who was or wasn’t there anyway…..I won’t even remember the party.”…….I cried.

Before I hung up I asked her why she thinks she’s lived so long, what’s the secret. She said, “The killer of this life is worry, let tomorrow take care of itself.” Then she said “And it helps if you live long enough to not remember anything to worry about. I can’t remember yesterday so all I have is now and I’m certainly not going to waste my now worrying about tomorrow.”

I have always heard that it is healthier to live in the NOW, but this really put it into perspective. Now is really all we have. Thanks again to God for giving me the most wonderful Mom in the world. She has always been my best example and my greatest teacher. Happy 90th Birthday Mom, I love you with all of my heart.

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