Righto, Update on the Giant Burger

Well we went, we saw, we were disgusted!

All that hype and the burger was not quite what the establishment claimed…

Well, it was impressive looking, for sure, but no side of chips and only two patties (mind you, they were BIG!) Damo was unimpressed with the inaccuracies, but a little thankful that the burger, ominous looking though it was, was not as big as they had claimed. So, the game plan was to use knife and fork to tackle the beast in a dignified manner. After all, he had three hours to complete the challenge.

Only a few bites in, however, it was apparent that the patties were as dry as old boots. Orange juice was called for, to help down the disgusting gravel mince but it didn’t help much. Gravy became the next running play, although at this particular establishment, the gravy tasted like cornflour and water. So not much help there either.

Damo, in a state of desperation, decided to try mixing the ingredients and made a sandwich of sorts using the egg and salad with a chunk of mince patty enclosed in a folded half a bun. To no avail… 45 minutes into the challenge, he conceded to the disgusting mound of “meat”.

I think Duane (pictured to the right) would have been a better bet :o)

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