Using the t-shirt template file to get an image that is 'cut out' from the background.

Cnote1394# recently asked me how I get the t-shirt designs ‘cut out’ with no block of colour in the background. ……

When you open the template file you see a note in the middle surrounded by grey & white squares – those squares show you where the image is transparent and you need the parts you do not want to print on the t-shirt to be transparent in the final .png image.

So here we go: I will pretend that it is Photoshop we are talking about, but at this level, most commands and stages will work the same way in GIMP or another similar program.

with the background layer selected. select the whole canvas
(mac =comand+A, PC = control+A … this is nearly always the same in every program)
then clear the lot, delete it or cut it
(mac =command+C, pc = control+C … this is nearly always the same

2009 "Calender in the round" series

Announcing the 2009 “Calender in the round” series……

It is a little belated I guess, but it is only the start of December, so there is a whole 1/12th of a year to go yet before we need to start on a new calender…

These are not your standard calender with one month to a page. They are poster style – but not laid out in the ‘traditional’ grid fashion. Instead, the days and months are laid out around the circumference of a circle. It actually makes for quite an intuitively easy to read and use calender.

The small sized poster should be quite legible and usable – though the medium and large will obviously give you a lot more space to write in.

These have taken ages to do, which is why it is a little late…. The calender part was created in Illustrator and took days to get right. (well hours spr

Work transfered from 'Jnara'

A while ago I opened a new ‘name’ in RB to put some new work in that was rather different from my other stuff.
But then… Most of my work has no common style running through it anyway, and having 2 sets of passwords etc. was getting mildly annoying… whats more, the recent re-vamp of the website, allowing the rearrangement of the foloi makes it even easier…. so all is now incorporated into the one again!!!

these explorations in line and bold areas of colour are just a start. no idea where they will go, but now the veggie garden is all set up I will have more time for art and redbubbleing. … I have missed it these last few weeks.

not enough time....

where does it go to?… all the sand in the hour-glass, the day-glass, the week/month/year-glass?
This is the 1st time in a week or more that I have had time to sit down and have a prowl through RB…. (and check e-mail etc) … never mind actually creating some new work.

and look at the place!!! there are now separate sections for art, clothing and writing etc!!! wow!! and how fantastic too. and then there is the new layout for the t-shirt images… when did that happen??? looks good though.

I will have to get a move on with the garden and the renovating so as to have more time for art again….

New series: "Under The Toadstool"

One day, in Mid-autumn, I went for a walk and found these simply huge red-with-white-spotted toadstools… Just for the heck of it I picked one and held it up to the light … and was instantly captivated!

(‘fire at midnight’ is inverted from a very over-exposed shot…)

(and some of the ‘ripples’ were created by gently bending the edge of the toadstool)

The Story of 'The Dancing Girl'

And how she became my ‘logo/avatar’….…

She is my favorite example of a slowly growing collection of digital art that combines hand-drawn sketches and doodles with photographs of textures, found objects, rocks, plants, concrete…. etc.

Early last year I was trawling through old sketch books and random scraps of paper with random scribbles on them and came across this one (the main sketch, less the wood strip to the right and the black curves over the top). It was a scribble page from when I was first exploring Celtic knot-work and most of the page was covered with swirls and doodles – as much of this image still contains. But what trapped my eye was the small (not much more than 2 or 3 inches tall) figure perched at the edge of the paper… She must have been an afterthought, a dream of memor

desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait
desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait