"Found" on the RB Homepage and Sales.

Hi all! I thought today would be as good a day as any to give you an update on what’s been going on with me. How time keeps rolling on, right? I’ve had more sales and got another RB homepage feature! I miss the old homepage (sigh) but I’m very thankful for the recognition and love, love, love the exposure. I’m flattered to have been chosen. Thank you RedBubble! Since the new change, I’ve had two others that were featured on “Found” but I can’t remember what they are! Gahh!

It’s been a while! I want to thank the buyers for liking my work enough to purchase it! It’s such a great feeling when that message comes in my inbox saying that I made a sale! Thank you, thank you! I am most appreciative! So, here are the sales since I last updated…

1 greeting card of The Smithsonian Castle

The Smithsonian Castle
by Jane Brack

5 greeting cards of Believe!

by Jane Brack

1 greeting card of Christmas Magic

Christmas Magic
by Jane Brack

4 Greeting cards of Blossoms Over Jefferson

Blossoms Over Jefferson
by Jane Brack

3 greeting cards of Pink Slipper

Pink Slipper
by Jane Brack

4 greeting cards of Let it Go

Let it Go
by Jane Brack

1 greeting card of Pink Pads

Pink Pads
by Jane Brack

1 canvas print of Full Moon Rising

Full Moon Rising
by Jane Brack

1 greeting card of Underneath the Cherry Tree

Underneath the Cherry Tree
by Jane Brack

1 greeting card of Let the Spirit Move You

Let the Spirit Move You
by Jane Brack

and 2 greeting cards of A Little Rusty

A Little Rusty
by Jane Brack

Wow! It really has been a while since I updated! I wish I could thank the buyers in person! I really appreciate it!

And my feature on today’s homepage.

Let's Bowl
by Jane Brack

Now we’re up to date. ;) I’ve been doing well and have managed to stay healthy. Working and playing hard, ;) and I am approaching the 100,000 views mark! I can’t believe it! THANKS to all who visit, fave, and comment! Also, thanks to the hosts for the features and challenges. They need tons of recognition too. We would not be the community that we are if it weren’t for the hosts who make it possible with all of the hard work they do to get our images out there to be seen!! I’m very grateful!!

Also, I joined LinkedIn. Please feel free to look me up and connect! I’d love to see you there.


Update; Jan. 27 – Someone just purchased 2 postcards of Let's Bowl Thank you, whoever you are!
……………….Jan. 28 – SOLD another greeting card of Let it Go Thank you!!
……………….March 15 – SOLD another greeting card of Let the Spirit Move You Thanks so much!
……………….March 16 – SOLD another greeting card of Cherry Dreams Many, many thanks!
……………….March 24 – SOLD another greeting card of Cherry Dreams Thank you!!
……………….March 30 – SOLD another greeting card of Let’s Bowl Thanks so much!!
……………….April 17 – SOLD two more greeting cards of Cherry Dreams Thank you!!

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