Matt felt the want and need for a new girlfriend. His last one, well she just wasn’t the life of the party anymore… Leslie and Steve took him to a place that was great for meeting girls…Lucy’s Coffee Shop. He spotted Missy right away, she wasn’t your average run of the mill chick. She had a big radiant smile and big blue eyes. There was something about her that was different, and she knew it too. She used to joke and say it was because her grandma had burnt all that chocolate pudding when she was little and then made her eat it. All that burnt chocolate had made her strange over the years…warped in her thinking. He had too much confidence, he was good looking and he knew it. And the girls liked him for it. So he thought he could just pick her up like that, no problems. But it wasn’t that easy. She didn’t let people in so readily. She needed to read them for a while, and what she was reading in him was nonchalant arrogance. She did want to like him though, for she was very lonely and she wanted a boyfriend. He told her about his family’s carnival business, and asked her if she would like to go on a double date there with his friends, Steve and Leslie. With some hesitation she finally said okay, and they agreed to meet the next night at the entrance gate at eight.

As she stood waiting for him, she looked up into the sky to notice that the moon had a mean eerie cast to it this night. It was just peeking out of dark clouds when he came around the bend, and then the dark clouds seemed to magically open up for him and the moon cast its full ominous light upon him. He gave her a big smile, almost a clown smile, that is what it reminded her of. His smile seemed friendly, kind and inviting. She had dressed casual since it was a carnival, however she had worn her pretty red cashmere sweater and styled her hair down instead of her usual style which was up in a pony. She had relaxed her hair style a bit for her evening date. He commented on how nice she looked, and he noticed that she was cold and shivering. She had forgotten to bring her coat. He offered her his. She was beginning to warm up to him a little more and thought maybe he wasn’t so nonchalant and arrogant after all. They all stopped and bought caramel apples, and while they were eating them Leslie was making jokes about how they were really eating pig balls covered in sugar. She had noticed that Leslie could be gross sometimes. She was kind of disgusting for a girl, for that was something that you would expect a guy to say.

They all went on some of the rides. The Ferris Wheel, the Roller Coaster, the Merry Go Round, and the One That Went Around And Around In Cirles Until You Felt Like Puking All Over The Place. They did some Bumper Cars too. That was a lot of fun. Then at eleven everything closed down and the people were leaving so she thought it was time to go as well. But Matt said no, now it was the special time that was just for them. Since this was his family’s business, he had free reign to use places and rides at the carnival, and his favorite place was the House of Mirrors.

On the way to the House of Mirrors he bought her a coke and he insisted that she drink it. This was a little strange since she had not asked for it, and she wasn’t really thirsty, but she drank it for him because he was so insistant that she do so. He played this kind of guilt trip on her like I bought you this pricy soft drink, so why are you not drinking it. After she drank it, she felt weird, queasy, and light headed.

She entered the House of Mirrors against her will. It was his idea and she was not really into this, it looked too spooky, dark, scary and uninviting. But everyone else seemed to be just fine with it, and all of them had been there many times before. There was a giant clown head over the entrance that was cackling in a high pitched tone, tautning them to enter. It was saying over and over, ‘COME ON IN, LET’S HAVE SOME FUN! WHAT’S A MATTER, DO I MAKE YOU WANT TO RUN?’. Before she could muster too many objections they were all swept into the gliding rail cars that entered the House of Mirrors. The rail cars stopped at the inside entrance and from there they had to get out and walk through the dark halls with scary mirrors everywhere.

She and Matt walked down a long dark hall, and she glanced at the first mirror. It made her look all tall and skinny with a big giant head. She felt sort of like a pencil with a big enormous eraser attached to it. Her head was spinning, and it seemed to be from drinking the coke earlier. As she looked in the mirror she could hear voices saying, ERASER HEAD, YOU’RE A BIG ERASER HEAD. The voices freaked her out, especially since she had never heard voices before in her life. It was as if the mirrors were screaming at her. Her mind and body were not feeling right, something was wrong, she did not feel normal at all, and she started to suspect that he must have put something in the coke. But how could that be, and why? That would just be such a bizarre thing for someone to do. Either that or she was having one very weird sort of breakdown or experience. She went to the next mirror, and her boyfriend was behind her. She looked in the mirror and saw him twice as large as her, and very mean looking. She was scared to death and she frantically ran to the next mirror.

She looked into the mirror and saw a ghostly floating apparition. It was swirling softly like a tornado cloud, and everytime it made a turn her face would appear all green, bloated and dead looking. She was becoming more and more afraid, but she tried to calm herself by telling herself that being scared was silly, and that all of this was just in her HEAD. Nevertheless, fear propelled her to run to the next mirror. Her boyfriend shouted at her to slow down but her heart was pulsing rapidly in this dim and very warped environment and all of a sudden he had become scary too. For it was him who had insisted they come in here, and it was him who had bought her that weird tasting coke that she suspected was laced with some sort of drug and causing her to hallucinate. She gazed into the next mirror almost against her will, for there it was right there in front of her and she had no choice in order to move forward. This is how most of the mirrors in this house of terror were positioned. So that you had to view a mirror in order to progress, you had no choice really, unless you were blind or closed your eyes, which would obviously make it very difficult to find your way out. What she saw was so amazingly grotesque that it made her jump and scream with fright, for she was no longer beautiful. She had turned into some bizarrely misshapen fat and ugly old woman. The mirrors were screaming at her…‘FAT WOMAN…UGLY WOMAN…OLD WOMAN…FAT UGLY OLD WOMAN!’. She ran, panicking, to try to find the exit. Unavoidable, the next mirror was positioned in front of her. It was the green mirror, and she looked DARK GREEN and SICKLY, like a WALKING CORPSE. She could see no whites, as the whites of her eyes were gone and the white of her teeth was missing. She was DEATHLY GREEN and DARK. Again she screamed, and screamed, and screamed, and she ran to the next door that had a sign on it that said, ’We’re Almost Done With You!‘. As she started through it, she triggered a sensor in the wall, and a clown bounced out of a side door at her. Like a Jack in the Box. It scared her and freaked her out so bad that her heart jumped into her throat she almost peed her pants. She ran down the hall only to be confronted by the next mirror. Her body was all in differnet slices and separated, as if somone had taken an egg slicer to it. The body slices were floating in the air…seemingly coming toward her. She heard the mirrors say, ’EGGY BABY, EGG SLICE BABY…EGGY BABY…HA HA HA!’…She screamed, and screamed, and screamed some more, she couldn’t stop screaming. She had never been so terrified in her life…she ran clear down the hall, speeding. Her boyfriend was running behind her and he had caught up by the time she glanced into the last mirror.

The last mirror was right next to the exit, and the clown’s face was over it too. He was laughing his high pitched bizarre laugh over and over and over again. His nose was lighting up and he was taunting her to leave, saying ’PARTY’S OVER, TIME TO GO!‘. She looked into the mirror and saw her body with no head. Her head was lying on the floor next to her feet, and it had the bizarre clown face look on it, that weird smile. She screamed and looked over her shoulder. There was Matt, she was relieved at first but then she was taken aback. His demeanor wasn’t welcoming. His friendliness and kindness had grown into coldness and meaness. His smile wasn’t inviting anymore, it was scary. Like the clown, a smile that you were not sure about anymore, was it friendly or ominous? She wasn’t sure, but she knew something very strange was happening and she did not understand what or why. Her head was pounding.

Matt smiled at her with his clown smile, and the clown above the door kept saying ’PARTY’S OVER, TIME TO GO!‘. His smile made her want to back away from him, something was very strange, very strange. She thought he was mad because she had run from him before. She was hoping for normalcy. Then Matt took the ax down that was next to the fire emergency box by the exit and chopped her head off. It went rolling on the floor and stopped in front of the same mirror where her body had appeared headless to her before. She still had consciousness, and she could see for a few seconds into the mirror. She saw her head without a body and her slumped and dead body behind it. She could see that she looked like a clown, with red blood splattered all over her mouth, and her eyes bulging out, huge and frightening. She looked like the clown, ’PARTY’S OVER, TIME TO GO!!!’. Then everything went dark.

They all buried her under the House of Mirrors, next to all the others. Leslie and Steve had been watching everything the whole time from the control room. They were using the hidden audio speaker system to make it seem that the mirrors were speaking and yelling at Missy. Missy had not been imagining this. Matt had put a mild hallucinogenic into her coke, that is why she had felt light headed after drinking it and just before entering the House of Mirrors, and that is why everything seemed more scary and intense to her. It was easier to confuse her, because she had been drugged. They all had been doing this for a long time, a very long time. In fact soon, they would have to find a new place to bury the bodies, because they were running out of room under the House of Mirrors. They had no reason to do what they did, they just did it because they could, for sport, because they were sick…IT WAS FUN!

Matt felt the want and need for a new girlfriend. His last one, well she just wasn’t the life of the party anymore… Leslie and Steve took him to a place that was great for meeting girls…Lucy’s Coffee Shop.

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And the clown laughed, and laughed, and laughed and laughed some more at her, in a high pitched shrill tone, and then he told her in a patronizing manner that ‘life wasn’t fair’…after he had viciously sliced off her head…’PARTY’S OVER, TIME TO GO.’

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