She wanted love and he wanted love too, but there were problems. She wasn’t free in her life, heart, body, mind or spirit. She was sinking into a deep dark hole of despair. Was it possible to believe that love could exist in such deplorable conditions, you see the problem was that she was not free, she had no rights, and thus she didn’t believe in love anymore. She was sick and sad and she hated the world, her heart was very bitter because of the minions…and rightfully so, for they never left her alone.

It would not matter how nice he could possibly be. He could ride in on a white muscled charger, he could bring her flowers from the gorgeous orange sun streaked field, he could sing love songs from the 14th century in foreign tongues until he turned purple, and she would not see him, because she was sick in her heart, mind, spirit, and especially body. Her big toe was broken, gored and infected. The little minions had made her sick on purpose. They had set a trap for her. They had left a big piece of Valentine cake on a plate out in the open field. Well of course when she saw this she had bent down to grab it and eat it. The trap had sprung and broke, gored, and infected her big toe. It had really hurt her bad. She had ended up face down in the gorgeous orange sunstreaked field. They had found her ill and dying, and they had brought her back to their large village where they lived and stuck her in their minion hospital. It was not a nice hospital though, the people there were very mean. She was already suffering horrendously because she had a large wound on her big toe. It hurt terribly, she was in much pain! They stepped on her hurt big toe all the time and made her hurt and afraid. The minion people just ignored her when she asked for help, and when she said it hurt, and it just kept getting worse and worse. You see they were not really interested in healing her, in fact they kept stepping on the same ill and infected toe all the time. They would pretend that they did it on accident, but she knew they did it on purpose. They wanted her to be unhappy. They were very unkind and they made her live in terrible pain. She became very angry and withdrawn. She never left the hospital. She stopped eating very much and all she would do was sit around and doodle pictures. The minion people snickered. They were happy that she was miserable. They told her she was a loser.

He tried to come visit her in the hospital, but when he came she would hide. She thought maybe he did like her, but she was not sure. She was afraid of him for many reasons. One of the reasons was because she was sick and did not feel good. She thought she looked all washed out and blechy, and she did. Her big toe throbbed. But the other reason, was because she was mad because she knew that he knew the minion people. If they were being mean to her then he was part of that. She did like him, so when he would come, she would peek out from around the corner at him, but she would make sure he could not see her. And then if it looked like he was actually going to come into the minion hospital, she would run and hide in her room. She had to run slow because her big toe throbbed.

He did not even really like her that much, because he was connected to the minion people. In fact he was their evil leader. She had talked to him before and he was not really that nice to her. He had told her the reason her big toe was hurt was because she was clumsy and had tripped and fell so it was her own fault. He mentioned nothing of the very intentional trap they had set for her, and ignored her gored toe and medical needs. He had no intention of seeing that she received the medical care she needed. He had not been very nice when he said this either, there was a mean snicker on his face. She knew this was not true, she had been hurt by the minions on purpose. They had caused all sorts or problems and troubles for her, they had bothered her for years and years and years. You see she was a giant girl, and they did not like giants. He was a minion too. Most of the minions were kind of ugly, but he was actually almost cute-ugly. She did not know why she liked him, after all he was not really that nice to her, and he was very mean about her big toe.

When she had first meant him, he had taken her out for steamed monkey milk, and she loved steamed monkey milk. He always told her everything was her fault, when he and she both knew that this was not the truth. He called it LEARNED HELPLESSNESS. This was psychobabble. What she thought was you are right, I certainly have learned that all of you can keep me helpless by not letting me have the things I need to succeed. If you keep me in this big dirty minion hospital and do not heal my toe, then I will never be able to walk again. Besides that I also need love, you mean dirty rotten minion.You all have isolated me and kept me ill, so as to make this an impossibility in my life. And my toe might get so sick and infected that it has to be cut off, or even worse I might die. To me, it does not seem that you care very much at all. You have left me here alone on purpose, knowing that I am sick and my toe is infected. You know that I am getting sicker all the time and I am in horrendous pain. I think you are mean to me, very mean. And you are really not that cute-ugly anyway, you have nose hairs, and with that she stormed off and never had steamed monkey milk with him again.


Copyright ©2008 JANE À PARIS

p.s. I would like to add at the same time that he is telling me that it is just learned helplessness and I am not being persecuted, he is also trying to sell me insurance. A security blanket, him. Why would I need insurance if I am not being persecuted?



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Boys and girls…and politics, power and abuse.

STEAMED MONKEY MILK AT LOVE CORNERS” was featured in the group Masterpieces: Literary … AUGUST 2008

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