She was a good looking spoiled housewife shopping with her three brats. She was putting the groceries into the car, and preparing to load the baby into the baby car seat. He wasn’t interested in the broad, although at some other point in time he might have liked to take her for a ride. What he wanted was her car. Not only was it a nice car, a red Jeep Cherokee, he needed transportation, and taking this car from her would be like taking candy from a baby. He had already stolen a store employee’s apron from the grocery store and he walked up behind her and he asked her if she’d like some help loading those groceries. He wanted to grab her behind as well, but he had to keep his mind on the task at hand for now. Molesting good looking housewives would have to wait for another day. She was more than glad for his help, since she was busy loading the baby, and she handed him the keys to access the back of the Jeep for loading.

Well, he took the keys and simply went around the car and got into it, and started it, and started pulling away. She started screeching “What the hell are you doing.” He pointed his gun at her and told her ‘’Shut up bitch, or your kids are going to know what their mommy looks like without a head." She backed away fast. But as he was pulling out she saw that her daughter was in the car, and she started screaming bloody murder. He didn’t care or have time for this crap, he just wanted to get the hell out of there before the cops came. He didn’t care if the kid was in the car or not really, at least not right now. He was too concerned with making his quick get away. He pulled out of the parking lot quickly and into main traffic.

He felt pretty good, things were going smooth. The kid in the back was not making a sound. He wasn’t interested in this woman’s bratty little kid, and he wanted to dump her off as soon as he got a chance. A chance to unwind a little, and get a few miles distant from the crime scene. He was a convict, and a criminal. He made his living preying on others, usually stealing, although he had been known to be violent, but usually it was in self defense, he wasn’t a into violence as predation. He just lived by stealing. He had become quite professional, and had been doing it for a long time. He really didn’t know how to do anything else, because he was wanted, and it wasn’t like he could get a regular job and become part of normal society. He had been an outcast for a long, long time. This was the only thing he knew how to do anymore. At this moment in time he was feeling pretty good because he thought he had just got away with a pretty good heist. He could sell the car, and it would be enough to get by for quite a while.

Then the little girl in the back, who was staring at him intently asked him if he knew there was a police car in back of them. She said “Gee Mister, there is a police car behind us, and it is all lit up like Christmas.” His heart jumped out of his chest and his mind went into panic mode. Damn, he had been zoning, and the little girl had i.d.‘d the cops before him. She seemed to be enjoying herself. She was munching on gum, and she sat up with her face in the back window to stare at the pursuing cop car. “Wow, Mister, there is two of them now.” He was glad she was with him now, because he knew they wouldn’t dare try to take a shot at him with her pasted to the back seat window like that. Plus that it was obvious that he had a hostage, so they would be less likely to be as aggressive as normal in their pursuit, in order to protect her.

He was running, and they were in hot pursuit. He was speeding down the road passing cars right and left. He hadn’t hit anyone yet, however he had come really close, and he was going about one hundred miles per hour. The cops were right behind with no problem. He had to figure out a way to shake them. The little girl climbed into the front seat and said, “Are we in this for the long haul? That is what my mommy says when she is speeding. But my mommy stops for the police man. Why don’t you stop Mister?” “What do you think kid? How many brain cells are in that cute tiny little bratty head of yours anyway. Do you think I just stole your Mom’s car, and her kid too. Maybe you think the cops won’t have a problem with that? Now shut up, and let me concentrate on driving or we will both be dead really soon.” “My name is Gloria, Mister, what is yours?” ’’Harvey the Clown, now I told you to shut up. Get in the back!" “Okay, Mister, I will keep an eye on the police mens for you, this is fun.”

With that the little girl, hopped back into the back seat, and took up position in the back seat window again, staring out at the cops and munching on her peppermint gum. Thwack, pop, bubble, smack. She wanted to know if he knew there were three cop cars behind them now. She was actually kind of interestingly helpful. If he ever needed a partner in crime, she would probably be pretty damn good at the job. She seemed to like the excitement of the pursuit, and she wasn’t bothered by the situation in the least, as most kids would be. She was almost a little to ballsy. Like a little Bonnie to go with his Clyde. They had been on the freeway, but he was afraid the cops would call in air support so had turned off onto a road that was still a main drag, but less easy to pursue on. One that had the potential for him to lose his followers if he played his cards right. He had to lose the cops soon because he knew that they would set up a road block if they could. And then it would be all over, because they would put out the strips that flattened your tires, and he would not be able to drive anymore.

Then the opportunity he had been waiting for came. There was a tractor trailer in the middle of the road, and he had just enough time to go around it, however it blocked the cops cars. He immediately increased his speed to take advantage of the situation, and put some space between him and his pursuers. As soon as he rounded the bend, he saw an opportunity to pull into the woods where hopefully they would not see him when they regained their pursuit, and they would speed right by him and his little assistant. He sat and waited and sure enough they did speed by. Then he immediately pulled out and speeded in the opposite direction. As soon as he had a chance, he took some off roads from the main drag and made sure to lose the trail of any pursuing police.

After about an half an hour he started to unwind again, feeling pretty good and coming down from the intense high of the high speed pursuit. He was feeling safe in the fact that they had elluded the police and they were back on their own again. She had climbed back into the front seat and was babbling up a storm to him. Apparently she had found the high pursuit adrenaline rushing too. They were both feeling kind of happy. He was amazed that he had just outmanuevered the police with the help of a seven year old named Gloria that munched on peppermint gum and called him Mister. Gloria said “Gee Mister, that was fun. I hope they don’t find us again. He said ‘’Why do you like helping me, don’t you understand that I stole your mommy’s car, and aren’t you scared of me?” She said “That was the most fun I have had in a long time. And I know my mommy has insurance to get another car if someone steals her car, she told me, so who cares. And your not scary Mister. You should meet my uncle Bill, now he’s scary. He always wants me to sit on his lap, and he has bad breath.”

He was growing very fond of his assistant, not only was she good at her job, but she was funny too. A lot smarter than many of the grown people he knew. She was very wise for her age. He knew he was going to have to ditch her soon. He asked her if she wanted ice cream, and she was all up for this. So they stopped at an ice cream shop along the route they were driving, a Baskin and Robbins. She ordered a double scoop Rocky Road, and he ordered a single scoop of marmalade. They sat and talked while they enjoyed slurping on their cones. He told her to tell her mommy that he was sorry, but even the bad guys had to make a living.

He gave her his watch and said “When the big hand is on the six, I want you to go over to the man at the counter and tell him your lost, and ask him to call the police to help you find your mommy. That will give me half an hour to make a clean get away.” She said “I want to come with you Mister. I can help you to steal cars.” He actually pondered the idea for moment, just jokingly. He had a heart, and he would never make a little girl live his life, but she had been a good assistant, so he smiled. He told her he was really flattered at the offer but that her mommy would be needing her to assist with things like buying a new car. She said her mommy hated that car anyway, because her daddy had bought it for her, and now they were divorced. Now her mommy could buy a new car. She gave him a hug and a kiss, and thanked him for the ice cream and then they parted ways. He laughed to himself, that had been the best car heist he had ever pulled off and it had all been with the assistance of a seven year old. He didn’t think he would have fared quite so well, if she had not been there to assist. He smacked on some peppermint gum she had given to him, and got into the red Cherokee and drove off down the road.


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