He was an expert at his game. There was no way they could catch him. He had covered all of his bases and had practiced until he was perfect. Plus that over the years he had accumulated a lot of experience doing what he did. So for him this was no longer some hobby or simple pastime, it had become an almost complete obsession and passion. He was a hunter. He met them on the internet. He set up public profiles that were completely fictitious and different every time. There was nothing true about his sites, except that he was extremely good looking, that much was true, and he liked to chew mint gum. The information always changed and everything was always made up, but he knew his internet persona and routine by heart, no matter what the story was this time or that. He took about one per month. He started a new site after every strike so that the police couldn’t trace anything about him, and he never used the same computer. His targets were in all different parts of the world. He would travel all over the place to meet them. He enjoyed this. He put on the air of a high powered, spoiled and rich businessman that could afford to go anywhere he wanted anytime he wanted to. He would meet them on the computer, chat for a few days, and then set up a meeting date. He worked fast, and his appetite was ravenous. He was a charmer to the tee. He said all the right things. He told them exactly what they wanted to hear, and he played them like nobody’s business. He also stole from them. It had become his major source of income as well. It hadn’t started out that way, however as he had progressed in his experience he started thieving the goods as well. It had actually become a quite profitable way to exist. It was amazing how much money and goods he had absconded with. Now he barely had to even really work. He had used to have a full time job at an accounting firm, but he had given that up a long time ago when he realized he didn’t need to work at a real job anymore because he was making so much money doing his passion, the hunt. He only free lanced as a writer once in a while, just to make it look like he was actually doing something and making a living, it was his cover-up for what he really did, the hunt.

He had been talking to her on live chat for a few days. He found her to be quite lovely, innocent, and charming. She was also beautiful and young. She had a good career which meant she made a good living and would be a good hit. He had set up a meeting date with her at downtown Chinese restaurant in her city. He flew there the next day, checked into his hotel, had a nice steak dinner and went to bed. The next day he got up late and studied her essentials so he would be on cue for their evening together. He memorized little tidbits of her personal information so that he would know how to charm and amaze her, and he would also know when she was vulnerable and ready for him to pounce.

When she walked into the restaurant he was amazed by her beauty. This was a good catch, he thought to himself. He wanted to savor this one. He was feeling overly confident and she caught him by surprise when she wasn’t as easy to please and persuade as he thought she would be by their previous conversations. Maybe that had been her lure, to get him to come see her, but now she was playing a little harder to get. So he really laid it on, buying the most expensive items on the menu, and telling her about all his riches and travels. He wanted to impress her. He wanted her to be his next conquest and prize. But he didn’t want to take her until he had truly won her over. Not just acquaintances, or just friends, he wanted to be lovers. When she was truly his, then he would make her his forever.

He thought she seemed impressed, and she acted like she liked him very much. She invited him back to her place for some drinks and to show him what she did for a living. She was a professional photographer. When he walked into the house he was astounded by all the gorgeous photographs hanging on the walls. He had seen her work on the internet, but still it was more impressive to see it beautifully framed, hanging on the walls as art, and in such a lovely decorated home. She invited him to sit on the sofa and she asked him what he wanted to drink. He said how about a Dry Martini if you have it, and she did. She had an amazingly well stocked bar. Just about as well stocked as her body, and she was very aware of her sexual attractiveness. The way she gracefully wiggled when she walked was very alluring and she was very feminine. Feminine to the point of fatal attraction. Her voice was super sexy. He enjoyed talking to her, not only because she was interesting but because she her voice was so soothing and arousing. They talked about his business and personal travels some more, and then the conversation turned to her photography work. She really liked talking about her work. He could see she found it fascinating, and it was. And she was really good at it, talented. They had been conversing for some few hours and things were going really well. He felt good, and they were both getting a little drunk. She wanted to know if he would like to go into the bedroom and let her take a few shots of him. She said she thought he would make a great model. She asked all of this with a little slur in her voice because she was high, and that made it all the more appealing to say yes. He didn’t see any harm in this because he thought afterwards he could just take the film and the police would never know. So he said yeah. He couldn’t believe his luck. It was only their first date, and he was already scoring. She had been much easier than he had first thought that she would be. When they got into the bedroom, she started taking photos of him, and she asked him to slowly undress. It was an interesting experience for him, especially since he was a little high too, and he felt like a slow seducer, taking one item off for every shot. When he was totally nude, she suggested maybe some bondage shots. She said this really turned her on. He didn’t see any problem with this, in fact he thought it was kind of kinky, and so he said okay. Well at the end of a few more shots she had him all tied up. When she had him completely tied up, she started talking to him more as she shot photos. She said this really turned her on. She told him that she had really liked meeting him on the computer internet and chatting with him. She said that she had actually met many men this way, and she found it extremely exciting. He was suprised that she would admit that, most women played their past sexual encounters low key, and usually didn’t talk about them. She told him that she really liked shooting photos of him, that she found him to be a very interesting subject. She said that she thought he was very good looking and she couldn’t wait to devour him. Ooo, he was turned on. Then he told her to come over and untie him so that they could get busy in bed. She said, oh no, I won’t ever do that. You see when I say devour, that is truly what I mean. I am a vampiress, and you are my next victim. She said I get my marks to come to me. He laughed, he thought she was joking, but she wasn’t. The next time he saw her face, he saw the teeth, and it scared the living hell out of him. How could this be. She was his victim, not the other way around. No, no! She was both so seductively sexy and so horrifyingly bone chilling scary as she approached him. She told him that she had been doing this for a very long time, and she was as professional at this as her photography, in fact more so. She told him that she was about half a century old, and that she was so glad that the computer internet had finally come along, because it made getting her marks so much easier. She said that she never left a trail, that she always used a different computer and there was nothing overly personal on her site information as to give away her true identity. Even the photographs that she posted were vague and non-traceable, in case the police ever linked her missing victims to any site she created. She covered all of her bases. She told him that she did this for the thrill of the kill and because she needed to eat, it was just a fact of her extistence. If she didn’t eat she would die. She told him she was so sorry but that she had to eat, she didn’t have a choice. However, when he looked into her eyes, they looked mocking, she didn’t look sorry, and she had said sorry with a little sneer in her voice. He had been one of her easier marks, so infernally anxious to get her into bed, so easy to get drunk. When she said so easy, it rolled gracefully off her tongue and out of her mouth as she smiled wistfully, her green eyes gleamed a hungry gleam. Her green eyes blazed and now they were hypnotic and mesmerizing. He was drawn into total submission, he had no power to say no even if he wanted too. She hadn’t needed to tie him up, that was just something she did for fun. She was staring at him, and her gaze was powerful, controlling, spellbinding and animalistic. As she grew nearer, she let down her beautiful long red hair, her presence became icy cold and her green eyes bore into him and took complete control. It was the last time he would hunt, because now he was the hunted. He had met his match ten fold. She did what he did, but much better. She had had half a century of practice, and for her it had been one of her best photo shoots ever, and dinner had been great too!


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This is a short story about predators and hunting…

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