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Email from Albin

Hello Jane,

I am in thailand now,
so I don’t use the internet very often.

I still don’t understand clearly what is happening to you.

Do you have anyone?


Well Albin, that was a brief note. You did not even explain why you are in Thailand. How can you not understand persecution Albin? No, I have no one. The people that I have had in the past have been destroyed by the disrespect I am made to endlessly endure from others. Disrespect is like acid, it eats away at everything, the very foundation of existence. I am not allowed to see my own children, even though I was the best of mothers. I am not allowed to love my children, and give to them, because I am denied the basic things that you need to operate in society like health care and medicine, fair employment, and freedom from duress. Basically the police and my ex-husband have raped and tortured me and now they don’t want to put me back together. So I am made to live in misery, under constant threats, while bacteria eats at my bodies insides. Do you need more explanation? Tell me about Thailand. And yes I get it. A government that has no respect, especially, endless disrespect for its own people does not deserve respect. There come a time when justice should be served in all due fairness for all those involved. The continual denial of something that is a need, for a overwhelming prolonged amount of time is something that barbarians do – and they would not want such done to them.

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