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I have a deep love for expressionism – ‘Expressionistic artist sought to develop pictorial forms which would express their innermost...

Email to Albin

Hi Albin, I have not heard from you in a while so I thought I would just say hi. I was going through my old emails. How is Paris and what are you up too? My life is pretty much at a standstil right now. I do a little art and a little on the computer everyday, that is all, because I am still waiting for them to provide health care for me and they refuse. It is sort of a crazy situation because I am too sick to do anything else really but wait for them to do it, heal me, and they won’t. I don’t quite understand what they want, you can not get water from a rock, well unless you are GOD. Tell me a little bit about your life and what you are doing. I think this would be interesting, n’est pas? I forgot where you live in Paris. I found France extremely interesting and very inviting. Something so well made, and classy. That is what the french culture reminded me of. I liked the way french people did things and got things done and they did it with class. And they did it well. I am feeling kind of bad at the moment in my heart because I am sick and sometimes it gets me down. I try to fight this, but since there never seems to be a solution or an end to my problem, it is succeeding in getting me down. I can’t live, really live, like walk out the door and run in the wind and rain, because I am ill, and my illness is not necessary. I am being kept this way by monsters who refuse to heal the problem in my body. It is all totally unnecessary, they just won’t do the right thing and they leave me hanging, therefore I can not live my life or give anything to my children. I hope to hear from you soon. Just write. It can be about anything. That is a cool way to make friends with people. You can even tell me about your martian encounters or bad dates, I don’t care. Chin chin…Smiles from Jane:-)

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