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Bubble to rosepepper

hi Jane,
I love that one particularly, the vase is like a chalice with the cross over it, brilliant symbolism and touching words. I hope life is rising to a brand new fantastic phase, which you have more than earned …. :)

rosepepper, you are so kind. Thank you sincerely for taking the time to look at my work and liking it. It really means a lot to me. Thank you so much for the favorite. I don’t know about my life. The real truth is it just keeps getting worse and worse. These people, (the police) and others feed on me relentlessly. I can never pay enough and they have taken everything, they won’t even give me back my body. They have had it for thirteen years, but this is not enough for them. The truth stinks. I am a never-ending floormat for these people. God, do I ever hate politics. I am sorry to share the truth with you, but it is the truth. They are killing me – too. I am so sick. They have let an infection spread into my upper body, it is painful, and I never know if or when they are going to provide me the medical care I need because of what they did to me. I have to live with their never-ending mindgames and threats. When I go to the doctor, I am never sure if they are going to hurt me or help me. Now they won’t even let me paint, (that is because they do not like the truth of my art) – (it is hard for me anyway because I do not have the energy, I am sick, I have to push myself to do anything). Pretty soon they will tell me that I can’t breath either. I have been in an endless prison for thirteen years, really longer, but that is when I really became aware of the political cage I am being kept in, thirteen years ago when they hurt me on purpose when I had my baby. I am sorry to share so much with you, but at least it will help you to understand my art. I love your art too, very much. Maybe we can become friends over time. I have really appreciated the red bubble. Besides painting and art, it has been one of my only escapes from the realities of my life. The reality is rosepepper, that they never leave me alone no matter what I do and I am so sick and tired of them. I appreciate your well wishes and I hope that maybe my life does get better, but it is hard to see that happening because I am endlessly bullied here by people and the police. I do not want to live in my homeland anymore, but they have made me too sick and too powerless to leave. I feel like the only way I will ever become anything is to be someplace else, because here I will never have rights. I should have stayed in France. Just thank your lucky stars that you are not me, believe me. There is nothing worse than not having rights and having people think it is alright to do anything they want to you, including torture. I am sorry I did not mean to give you such a long response. I am sure you will probably look at this and say - what? You are welcome to write me back if you want. I have other friends on the red bubble who write to me and I love it. It gives me a chance to be somewhere where this is not happening. Some place where people are relatively normal and not political creatures from hell. I know it is hard for other people to understand who and what I am because most of them have never been kept in a punishment and fear cage of political hell for years and years, so they can not even begin to imagine what it is like to be told over and over that you are nothing and zero – and to be hunted and hurt like an animal by your fellow countrymen and women for sport because of politics.

I had better sign off now before I am accused of torturing you with long political ranting messages. Smiles – so sorry. Thanks for liking my work so much. I love your work. Hope to hear from you in the future and I will be checking in once in a while on your site. Enjoy your freedom—-Smiles from Jane:-)

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