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Email to Claire

Hey mommy this is claire! I was wondering exactly how i upload paintings and such? Help would be great i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you too. So much. Well, I will try to help you but we might have to talk back and forth until you get it figured out. My friend Jeremy takes photographs with his digital camera and then he has an attachment that hooks to the computer to load the pictures into the picture file on the c drive. But you said that you don’t have a digital camera. I think that you can also take pictures with your camera on your phone, and then email those pictures to your hotmail email account. This is kind of difficult, sometimes I have to play with ways to do something until I can figure it out. Sometimes there is more than one way to do it. When you get the photos of your work into your email if you can not save them directly to your picture file, then copy them, open a new word document and paste them there. Make sure that your erase everything that might come with the picture like words that accidently got copied too, then save the file. Then pull up Zamzar from the internet, it is a free online file conversion program. Browse and pull up the word document that has your saved picture on it. Convert it to a png file and send it to your email again. When it gets to your email you will be able to save it to your picture file as a png document. Then go back to the internet and pull up Michigan Mega Converter. Browse again, this time pull up the png file and convert it to a JPG file. Now save this JPG to your picture file on your c drive. You might not have to go through all of this if you know of an easier way to send or load your photos from your phone directly onto your computer in your picture file. You might want to ask your daddy if he knows an easier way to get the photos you take from your phone to your computer and on your c drive picture file. Also you might just be able to upload the png file, instead of having to convert to a JPG, I do not know since I have always loaded up JPGs. Anyway once they are there in your picture file, then you go to your red bubble account and go to your bubble, it will say hi Iaosarosada and next to the greeting it will give you the option to upload art, choose this and then the art option, (you can make t-shirts too by the way, but you need to change the pixels for this to 2400 by 3200 and you can do this in paint if you have a current paint program, I believe under attributes). But you don’t need to change the pixels normally for the art, unless you want to try to make it bigger if the red bubble program does not accept it. But usually it is better to first leave it the way it is an upload it and see if it will accept it and allow you to sell it as a card, a print, a poster, etc…because it has its own built in screening for quality purposes. So the less you play with something the better, but sometimes it is necessary. But always start by seeing what it will do with the original first. It is the same for writing, when you want to write something, just go to the option writing and it should give you the option to add writing and then you can save it at the bottom as public view or hidden. There is also a journal for you to keep your notes, art and poem ideas, and so forth, with again the option to be either public or hidden. There are also all kinds of groups that you can join. Many fun groups and very nice people. There are writing competitions and other fun stuff in the writing groups and there are art competions and art contests. Anyone can participate. You should try what interest you. They have everything, pencil drawing, photography, painting in all different medias, (media is the type of painting, there are oils, acrylics, watercolors, and then there are also mixed where people put everything together, even pen and pencil). Everything in art is possible, if you can imagine then it can be done. I saw a lovely oil painting the other day that had a background etched in pencil. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do that. There is famous saying in art, …think outside of the box… it means be creative and do what feels right for you. I hope what I have told you helps you get started. I can not wait to see some of your stuff up on the bubble. You shoud start with one of your beautiful poems. I am so proud of you and I miss you so much and Mitchell too. I am a little sad right now. I am sick and tired. I really miss you and I am crying a little. My beautiful baby. I am so happy that you are on the bubble with me and I appreciate your kind and understanding comments on my art. It makes me feel good that you understand my pain. I want you to understand it though, not feel it. It is very important to me that you are a happy young woman. The people who hurt me are bad, they do not understand that when they hurt me, they hurt you, because they are selfish and stupid. But I am very adament that you need to be happy and well in your self and self esteem because I love you. And no matter what injustices happen now or have happened in the past, I want you to be very aware of your self and your needs as a young woman. You need to be happy and have good self esteem. I want this very much for you. For when you love yourself then you can truly love others. I want you to be proud of who and what you are. And Mitchell too. Bad things have happened in the past, but now they are past. I may write or paint about them because they have hurt me and they are still in my pyche and in my life, however I want you to realize that whatever is between me and your father one way or another has nothing to do with you as a person because you need love from both of us. I do not think your father should treat me the way he does, but I can not make him change. However I know he loves you more than anything in the world and I know that he is a GOOD father. This is something that you should really appreciate and take shelter in. Soak up his love. I am of course more than a little mad that I have been shoved out of the picture however I am so glad that we are starting to connect again. I hope that things will get better for me right now so that I can start to feel positive about my life again and able to give to you in the future. But the honest truth Claire is these bad people never leave me alone and I am very sick, so we will see, that is all I can say about my life right now, we will see if they will leave me alone or not and let me build something again so that I can give to you and the first thing I obviously need is my health. If they do not restore my health I will simply die and I am not feeling very good right now. I really resent that they have let this go on for so long, I can feel so much damage that has been done in my body and I am so tired. This has aged me greatly, especially leaving an infection inside of me like this, how cruel they are!!! I have been made to feel my insides rotting, for years and years. This has made me so ill, tired, and aged. It was not necessary to treat me like this. They did it on purpose. They are liars and abusers.
They left a hole in me on purpose and your daddy knows this, and they have tortured me endlessly, endlessly. They are dirty selfish people that abuse, disrespect and bully me when I have done nothing to them. They target me and crap on me constantly. They are bullies.

I hope what I have told you will help you to figure things out. Please email me and bubble me as much as possible, for I love you and I love to here from you and share with you. Sharing art and writing will be a fun way for us to get started back on the road to being together again - time and space, I miss you in my space little rosebud. Everytime I paint a painting or draw a picture or write a story, I actually think to myself that is time I could have spent with my children if things had been different but I have been robbed of that and so have you and Mitchell. Maybe some day we will get to make it up, but I do not know, life is short. That is why it is so important that we tell each other how much we love each other as much as possible and write and email each other. My eyes are getting cloudy from the tears. I am hurting really bad right now, so I hope the doctors are going to do something for me instead of abuse me as usual. I have to go back to the same clinic where they abuse me (with mindgames, lies, and neglect) and ask for medicine because I am in pain from not being put together right (the infection) and they know this because they left me like this on purpose so they could manipulate me, control me and abuse me. It is not love to do this to someone, this is not a humane thing to do to anyone, it is cruel torture. I would explain more right now but I am very tired and this has been a long message so I am going to go for now. I love you more than anything in the world. And Mitchell too. I wish that I was well so I could be so much stonger for you. And I wish the bad people would leave me alone because they pull me down so that I can be nothing for you. But again, we will see, we will see. That is all I can say for now. I am too sick to to do anything else. They have let me sit here and rot, and now I am just to sick and weak and in too much pain to be much of anything until they restore my health. And I hope that is what they do, and not hurt me again or do unecessary things to me like cut my female parts out like they always threaten. This is such horrible abuse, they are filthy nasty people. I am so afraid of them and what they might do to me. I should not have to be afraid of the doctors, but I am because in my life doctors hurt me instead of helping, they have cut me, lied to me, abused me and then sent me a bill for it. They are crap, excuse me my daughter. I love you and I will go for now. You are my angel, Forever and Always, Eternally and Unconditionally - Love Mommy.

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