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To Claire

Hey mommy i was just going to go on red bubble when i decided to check my email first. Im so glad to hear that you love me and mitchell and we love you too. Mitchell told me to tell you, “Can we get some candyburgers mama?” lol i thot that was funny so i decided to tell you what he said when we were talkin about it. He also asked me to ask you if his ears were really that big lol. I love you mama and im gonna go on red bubble oh ps. im in an art class in school and were doing self portraits but they have to have a special quality to them describing our personalities and i thot i would paint it half way in black and white (for my simple beauty) and the other half wild bright random colors (for my crazy personality). Does that sound like a good idea or would you recomend i do something different? Itll be split right down the middle of my face. Oh and you have to answert is before the 12th because thats when i have to start doing it. I love you and hope to hear your opinion soon! maybe i can upload it onto red bubble if it turns out well…. i love you!

-love claire

I am so glad to hear from Mitchell through you. I miss him so much. No his ears are not big, lol – he is just right all over. I think your art idea is marvelous. I bet it will be stunning when you are through with it, and I would love to see your writing, poetry, and art on the red bubble. I am flattered that you would ask my opinion of your idea. The one thing I really have to tell you is to be true to yourself because that is what art is really about. What I think of your idea one way or another is only secondary to how you feel about it. I happen to think it is a fantastic idea. But what I am trying to say is that you must listen to yourself first. Do what feels natural to you. And do what you like. Then you can get feedback from others, but remember there feedback is nice to get a feel for what others think, but again the most valuable opinion is always the artists. Because it is your artwork and you have to live with it. There have been many times when someone said something critical about something I was working on. But I did not let their opinion stop me from doing what I was doing or what I felt comfortable with in my artwork. If you let their opinions or telling you what to do get in the way, then they will be running the ship, not you. Run your own ship. What colors does Claire like, what style does Claire like, what is Claire trying to say with this piece, what mood has Claire conveyed? Art is about your message to the world, and about how you see the world. Then let others comment, and take their comments with a grain of salt. Because everything you create is beautiful. Is someone does not like it or appreciate it, that is their problem. They can let you know, but you most certainly do not have to agree with them. And also do not let others tell you that they know more about art than you do, because truly Claire art is an experience…and there are all kinds of art out there. All kinds. Everything that you can imagine. So to answer your question, yes I think your idea is fantastic and I am excited to see the result. You have a super creative mind at work. But ultimately the opinion that should matter the most is your opinion, because it is your artworkl. Have fun in the creation process. I love you more than anything in the world. Smiles from Mommy:-)

Thanks mama! i thought it was a good idea too! after i read your email in the morning i felt so much better about the idea but you were right about standing true to my opinions too because thats the most important thing. Im busy doing homework right now so ill talk to you later. im also gonna read when im done. the book im reading is amazing. its a sequel to the first and is called new moon. you should read the first which is twilight and we should talk about it! its awesome! there are four books total. Twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn. i love you and mitch says he loves you too and good night!

-love claire

Who is the author? I have no money right now so I probably can not do this even though I want to. They, the bad people have kept me ill like this and in this place with no money for almost two years now. I have no money for anything I need and I am so sick. They are very bad people, I get so tired of them. Because they never stop taking jabs at me. I go in the bathroom downstairs to paint because that is the only thing I have to do and can do, and to get away from them, plus that I love art when I feel up to doing it, but they won’t even leave me alone down in the bathroom. They come in and harass me. They have let this infection go on in my body until I am afraid that I will never be well again. They have let me rot, and after you let something rot Claire you can not save it, all you can do is cut it out. They have ruined my health on purpose. I have no idea what the rest of my life is going to be like without my health. I do not look forward to feeling weak and awful for the rest of my life and I have no faith in the doctors because they delight in LYING AND ABUSING me. They have made my life a miserable mess. They should have got social insurance for me when I first came here, so I could have money but they made me sit and wait while they tortured me. I had already had to beg for medical care for the five years previous to coming here. Because they have not provided medical care for me on purpose now I am paying the price, with a rotting body. This could have been prevented instead it was caused. They try to pretend they are not responsible, when the truth is they are very responsible. They withheld medical care from me on purpose thus allowing an infection to spread in my body and do damage. They used it as a means of torture, control and abuse. They have made me sick and put me in this place with no income. I have needs and I have no faith in these people or that they are going to do the right thing like get the social insurance that I need so that I can have an income to buy things like a BOOK that I could read and share with my daughter. I should be able to buy that book to share with you Claire. But I cannot because these people keep trying to keep me powerless and then they prey on me. I should be able to take care of myself right now but I can not because they have been vicious to me and kept me from it by denying me health care and fair and decent employment. And thus you, Mitchell and I all pay. I can not even buy a book to read with my daughter because they have dragged their heels to get me the things I need, HEALTH CARE, EMPLOYMENT, BENEFITS. They always tell me I do not have the same rights that they do and I do not deserve these things while they abuse me, but at the same time they tell me that I am AN AMERICAN and thus I am supposed to follow the rules. They do not follow any rules, they do anything they want to me…they are hypocrites. That is why I can not even buy a book to read with my daughter. Not only are they hypocrites, they are filthy hypocrites because they constantly disrespect me sexually and try to take advantage of me sexually too. I am your mother. My body is your mother’s body. They have taken your mother’s body and hurt it on purpose. They have let it rot and made it sick. How do you feel about that? Angry? You should be. I am your beautiful mother, at least I was, but they have turned me green, old and ill with decay. How do you feel about that? Yes Claire, they are bad people. They get carried away with their power to abuse and manipulate and that is all they care about. If they cared about what is RIGHT, then they would do what is RIGHT and stop abusing and defaming me, and then lying about it. They abuse me almost every day Claire. Every day that I have been here I have had to put up with mind games, defamation, sexual abuse, medical care denial, and I have been made to live in tremendous fear while an infection crawls around in my body. That is why I cannot buy this book to read with you. Neither of us deserve this. I love you and Mitchell very much. I am sorry to tell you these things but in another sense I am not sorry to tell you these things for I want you to know the truth. The people who hurt me, hurt you. They will not stop. This is not coming from me, it is coming from them and they will not stop. Thus it effects and affects you and Mitchell. If I do not tell you about their foul behaviour then I am all alone to face illness and death, and they can get away with the bad things that they do. The only way I can protect myself is to cast light on the bad things that they do. That is why I know that GOD sent you to me Claire, because your name means BRIGHT GLORIOUS ILLUMINOUS LIGHT. I am tired now, I am going to go back to my bed and rest. I love you and Mitchell more than anything in the world. Love, hugs and kisses from Mommy.

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