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I appreciate your concern Gregory. My situation is very complex. I just write down what is happening to me. I am very sick right now. They are either going to provide the medical care I need or I will die that is all there is to it. They can not really torture me anymore, I have nothing left to lose and I am very ill. I feel there are people around me who do not understand this, but it is a simple fact because I can feel what is going on in my body and it is not good. It scares me but it is also reality and I have to deal with it. So I guess what I am trying to say is that it does not matter if they want to pretend I am not sick or not provide medical care for me, because the reality is that I am, and if they do not provide medical care for me I will die if I am not already, and then they will have to answer for this. Whether or not they want to acknowledge it, it is really happening, and no I am not okay. They have let me sit here and rot, and this might very well be what causes my death. Again they will have to answer for this, even if no one else cares I have children. They will have to explain to my children why they let me sit here and rot, when they could have saved my life. That is why I write about what is happening, to make a record whether or not anyone does anything, I have written about it and that makes people aware.

I appreciate your concern but I do not think there is anything you can really do for me but be my friend and listen and understand. Thank you so much and you take care. Smiles and friendship from Jane:-)

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