a long night

as she slides through the old back door, the silence peirces her ears. she lays her high heels on the floor and tip toes through the hall towards the stair to her room. she stops, only to hear a possum crawling across the roof, and wipes her eyes, also removing half of her makeup from that very night. she walks into her room from a journey up the tall staircase which felt like forever. she took off her dress from that night and threw it across the room into a huge pile of other clothes. as she walks a cross the room to her gigantic wardrobe, she feels a shiver down her back as she quickly throws on a dressing gown. she doesnt feel fit to sit and read so she quietly settles down her book on her bedside table, only just to get a glimpse of her clock which reads 2am. she lies in bed, and begins to softly weep, wishing she had listened to her parents that evenng. wishing she had done the right thing and wishing she had stayed home.

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